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for Helluva kitsune

11/25 c14 AdanValdovinos3
oh, i love this story an the comedy bravo
11/19 c14 Guest
Please Post the Next Chapter Soon as Possible
11/17 c14 josedavidvargasmurgas
Please release a new chapter, I am uncertain about what will happen to Stella
11/15 c14 Dk676
Please continue
11/7 c14 Gereiner
Amigo seguirás con la historia una vez que salgan más capítulos de halluva boss?
11/5 c2 akirathewolflord

Dude 12 inch long 4 inch thick the fucking math moron, his cock is a fucking rectangle, it's width is a third of its length and isn't anatomically possible, and the tit sizes would be saggy sacks of flesh at those sizes.
There's no variations in the breast sizes, it's like every character's size is a copy and paste minus height, though only Millie's hieght is described (being called a short imp or however the author worded it), your argument that it's a fan fic is stupid, yes it's the artists image but they gotta put thought into these kinds of things, for millie for example she'd be tits with legs and they'd be dragging on the ground genius it's not physically possible.
Now I'd say in the show millie would be a b cup, but the author could've decided to make her a c cup, and loona would be a c cup and could be changed to a d cup and that'd be an acceptable type of alteration, you dont need to go insane with them.
And dude have you ever heard of constructive criticism? I guess not, what I gave was a legitimate observation, and everything you said was bs on par with the idiots who tell authors to kill themselves or they suck etc, I give criticism to help them improve, aside from the extreme sizes the story is great.
An example of other criticism I've given to authors is the one i gave to neonzongetsu, I told him he overused 'once, twice, thrice' and 'like so much' in his stories and aside from those two things his stories have been great, I actually follow him.
I also point out formatting issues to authors in hopes they will edit their story and make it readable rather than a mass wall of text where it's hard to decern who's saying what, and there are plenty of stories on the site I'd like to read but due to every line bleeding into the next I can't bring myself to read them.
11/3 c14 Guest
Really looking forward to the next chapter.
11/2 c14 Guest
11/2 c8 Ryu wolf
Why is it when Lucifer say unholy shit i like him. It reminds me if when abridged Alucard said: she sassy as fuck. Holy shit i like her
10/29 c14 Exia Zero
Great chapter and please update soon. Also I have a suggestion for Naruto's harem...well technically two since they're sisters(probably) Glitz and Glam from the newest episode of Helluva Boss.
10/28 c14 ReadersAonymous
Great chapter, my dudes! Lovin the story so far, and I can't wait to read the next chapter, especially after the recently
released episodes! I can't wait to see naruto is gonna react to crimson, I just know he's gonna beat his ass XD
10/26 c14 Guest
Really want to see more
10/22 c14 Kitsune124
That was awesome and hilarious I can’t wait for more
10/21 c6 Kitsune124
Yaaaaa,its on the good side to do that they had to say the send his parents to you know were just because they sacrifice their family in their life. Yeah that’s stupid.

It’s like collision it’s rigged
10/19 c14 5Fox Boss
So, when HH comes out on Amazon, you think you might change the fic to match?
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