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3/27 c26 george17
The whole muggle fighting thing is absurd. Do you seriously think wizards would not have anti-bullet charms and so on? It's an example of really bad bashing where all wizards are so stupid and ignorant of the muggle world.

The specific idea of a super tough female special forces fighter, Mother, is stupid. The idea of a female special forces fighter is barely possible in current years but none of them have rated anywhere near the top. Women do not have the muscle mass and muscle mass matters.

Most men don't have the muscle mass needed either. The difference is some men do. Women do not.

Women in that superstar role are a joke unless you are writing about characters with powers or futuristic enhancements. Female witches such as Bellatrix being incredibly powerful and dangerous are completely believable.
3/27 c39 mrpietan
Well ended, not so much a cliffy, but still, when is the next one coming out
3/24 c39 LeightonWD
Just started reading thanks to a recommendation from another author and I have to say wow this is amazing well done!
3/22 c29 demonboy121986
Sorry but the first portion of this chapter has caused me to just stop reading due to over winded, long worded well... bs. 'They got to leave cuase such and such tech that... shocker shocker sgc has been using, will continue to use, and will use even more signal sending tech. The whole first part of this chapters point, them leaving is absolutely 100% useless and hypocritical.
3/21 c39 1C.Menard
Talk about an introduction! I'm sure this new force in the Galaxy will make wavesI'm really curious who the ambassador will be! Thanks a ton for continually sharing this work with us, it's appreciated and super enjoyable! Cheers!
3/20 c39 jaclon
And as I close my eyes and wish .. Book Four appears in its entirety .. no .. darn .. please keep up the wonderful tale. ciao til next time
3/19 c39 1Rogue7
Another awesome chapter, thank you
3/19 c39 Guest
Fuck you . naive . Stupid fanfic. Idiot Naive author
3/19 c39 Rio47
Awesome as usual mate I love your story.
3/17 c39 Aratherfluffyfatcat
Enjoying the story thanks
3/17 c39 Arthorius
And they not noticed the natives were taken Earthside as well?

Plus if they are acting like Alterans they should have Merlin disabled the gate preventing those SG teams from leaving and make themselves known and read them the riot act about several things one of which is taking tech that does not belong to them putting natives in danger from the snakes aka gou'ald.

Good Show...
3/16 c39 flyboy38
I hope you are able to keep the story going for a long time to come. I really do enjoy these weekly updates.
3/16 c39 10RevDorothyL
Hurray for a successful first battle for Vir, and a bonus save for the SGC, anonymously delivered. Wonderful!
3/16 c39 3doraemax
which sg episode is this?
3/16 c39 DeathCrawler
look forward to the next book
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