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10/13/2022 c1 dude356
I enjoyed this a lot. Of these conversations, I wish that the last two in particular had happened in canon.

Harry was there when Ginny weaponized Hermione's "relationship" with Krum in her argument with Ron, and he could've told Hermione what set Ron off when she wondered aloud what she was supposed to have done to make Ron act the way he acted in most of that book. I'm not entirely sure why he didn't.

As for the final conversation during the horcrux hunt, I feel like Hermione would have been too curious about what happened to let it go. Maybe she'd have waited to circle back around to it until after they survived the war and were no longer on the run/constantly on edge, but I think she would have been curious nonetheless.
9/2/2022 c1 Cmlackey12
Enjoyed the story!
5/25/2022 c1 Anitaxp
Loved it
5/19/2022 c1 maria-alcantara18
I wish it had a following conversation after the last one, but it's still good. Thank you.
4/2/2022 c1 sarevok2
Short and sweet! It would have been absolutely perfect if you managed to sneak in a kiss, but sometimes leaving things to imagination is better

Please keep writing!
2/26/2022 c1 Jo Cook
1/28/2022 c1 4Harmony09
11/17/2021 c1 Guest
11/3/2021 c1 19jlluh
This is really nice. Good heart baring conversations are had to pull off, bit you did so nicely. I'd enjoy a gratuitous continuation, but such is unnecessary.

(My interpretation of the firebolt incident is that Hermione's going straight to McGonagall is strongly related to Harry's unwillingness to tell any teachers about the map or the secret passageway.)
10/30/2021 c1 17libaka
Oh I like this version of these events much better
10/9/2021 c1 cenies
That was a good read. It exposed perfectly the problem with their relationship over the years.
10/7/2021 c1 guest
very nice, i always enjoy your writing. and interesting insight into why they wanted him to stay.
10/4/2021 c1 66LadyJosephine24
this was interesting and intense and i love it :D this really was what needed to happen...
10/4/2021 c1 bdwilliams3
10/3/2021 c1 ak
Loved it! Thank you for writing!
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