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for Harry Potter, Dark Legacy

7/1 c1 Guest
Nice, one of the better g.o.f grey stories I read so far!
7/1 c2 Guest
Good point to drop this crap. Making Snape a good guy is as telling rape and bullies have to be put on a pedestal.
This will never see the light as the story teller just block all none reviews that do not praise him/her/it
6/21 c29 Soul Sendant
whore glorification trash with the fake virgin whores. harry is a simpy bitch who cant use magic transportation because he suffers from the stupidity of the teenage faggot whose pathetic fantasy this is.
6/20 c28 Soul Sendant
ah it is an ignorant fool writing this shit. he cant merge the money of different houses together they are seperate for a reason and always will be
6/20 c28 Soul Sendant
oh boy and harry has to have 5 wives as susan is heir to house bones and canot provide heirs to the potter, black, peverell, and grindelwald names.
6/20 c27 Soul Sendant
oh boy just leep up the good little doggy attitude you fucking pathetic trash mc
6/20 c26 Soul Sendant
kneeling to goblins? yeah fucking right
6/20 c24 Soul Sendant
harry would need four wives to be able to legally have four houses that he is responsible for raising heirs for and helping grow the four houses
6/20 c24 Soul Sendant
this faggot mc not accepting his responsibility like a little bitch
6/12 c20 raoi23539
Well when all three of the lovely young ladies had predators for their petronus as Harry became their prey I was laughing my ass of but Harry also became a predator seeing as he is dating three girls it's nice
6/11 c6 raoi23539
6/2 c6 Guest
manulitive old puff dumb dumb
5/26 c35 BMS
Oh God, he's going to attack Hogwarts, really? Haven't seen that in a million stories.
So much for the originality of the first part of the story.
I'm beginning to wish you'd have ended it at the graveyard. certainly went downhill from there.

Shame it was an awesome tale to that point.
5/26 c34 BMS
Lots of action but again I have to point out that the Demon is an unnecessary addition to the story.
Frankly, it's too much of an evil Deus Ex Machina. As you said in an earlier chapter, Voldie could win simply by releasing it against the ministry.
Was glad to see Susan show up. Leaving her behind was a stupid idea on Harry's part. Having her show up to turn the tide at one point was cliche, however.
5/26 c32 BMS
Again it seems like you're just adding random junk.
Now you've got Death having pizza with Jones. CLICHE!
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