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for The Stranger Who Loved Me

11/15/2022 c11 15Wikked
I really like this story it’s unique and the plot pulls you in. But I have to say, I’m disappointed that it was that easy for George to take up contact with her after lying like that. To be honest it feels slightly unrealistic that her trust for him isn’t completely shattered. She was so vulnerable and still was quite open with everything and he just lied straight into her face and completely decieved her. I probably wouldn’t trust a word that came out of his mouth.
7/24/2022 c16 TotallyHufflepuf
Brilliant! This whole story. There's just something about the banter and relationship George and Nora have that I really love. This story has inspired me so much, I might even write my own HP thing and post it on this site one day. This was an amazing story, great job!
6/19/2022 c11 TotallyHufflepuf
Spectacular, as always. I could spend forever complimenting the writing, but instead I'm just going to say how much I love Nora's attitude. Your writing really makes her come alive. And how the Weasley's are so cool with George hiding his girlfriend in the bathroom is hilarious! Great job!
6/21/2022 c12 Elcee1992
Sooo pleased you're back! Hope your break has done you good :) fabulous as ever, pulled me straight back in
4/3/2022 c11 Guest
This story is so beautiful! All the emotions and reactions are so genuine and I'm so happy it's a George/OC there are too few of them out there!
2/22/2022 c10 BryonyS
Great story, can't wait to find out what happens next.
2/19/2022 c10 Beautilicious
Just stumbled across this story and so glad I did! Its such a sort of feel good type story - nothing too depressing or heavy like other stories which makes it so nice to read! I also love how you included George’s POV - I’d love to read more of his side too especially when he realized she left. Can’t wait for the next chapters
2/18/2022 c10 TotallyHufflepuf
Hi again!
Your latest chapter was wonderful. I am so excited for the next one - it is becoming more of need than a want for me to read your work. I really liked this, so I started reading your Changing the Game story and I've been really enjoying that as well. Good job!
2/15/2022 c9 Guest
This is sooo good
2/13/2022 c2 Guest
I'm so dumb I didn't realize she was about to say 'kissable'. I really thought 'kissab-' was probably some British cultural thing and was about to google it (ha!)
2/12/2022 c9 TotallyHufflepuf
I have read all of The Stranger Who Loved Me, and I absolutely adore it! I have read multiple HP fanfic's on this website so far, and yours is by far my favorite! I am so excited to see where this goes, and I hope George and Nora get a happy ending. Beautiful writing!
2/12/2022 c9 Elcee1992
Absolutely love this!
2/12/2022 c9 ASimpleTeenager
Wow, I loved George’s pov. Such a great chapter and well written. It’s nice to see the evolution of how he’s becoming to love her and sees Nora for who she is and he doesn’t compare her to her old self. I’m excited for what the next chapter brings. I only hope Nora gives him a chance to explain himself and sees that he really loves her as Nora. That he doesn’t love the girl who saved his brother, but the girl she’s right now after she lost her memories.
2/11/2022 c9 2IDreamtheImpossibleDreamer
I absolutely love this story and cannot wait for the next chapter! You’re characters feel so real, your plot is engaging, and everything is so well written! It’s the perfect trifecta! I get so excited when I see the notification that you’ve posted another chapter! I can’t wait to see how George and Nora talk this out!
2/11/2022 c8 6CharlotteGryffindor
Thanks for that. I really wanted to cry tonight . Sarcasm aside, that was a brilliant chapter and it was great to hear things from George's side! Looking forward to the next one too
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