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11/1/2021 c5 67illyrilex
This is incredibly cute and wholesome and has so many levels of "Awwww" attached to it that I just can't, Mali. You put this together so well; I almost expected to see rain outside *my* window because you painted a very vivid picture here. (Not to mention it is overcast right now...)

But, yeah. I love Kula's thought process here; she wants to show Maxima something cool, which is such a nice, normal thing for this poor murder-child to do. Love it!
10/30/2021 c5 133jojoDO
D'AWWW! Now this is more like it! HAPPY TIMES! : D

Your post-chapter note told the whole story. I love seeing this newfound freedom after the events of 2001, seeing Kula just taste and enjoy life. Such a carefree, pure, innocence about her, like those horrid things with the NESTS cartel never happened. Igniz never happened, Zero Cannon never happened. I wonder if she can shut those things out at her age, or if all those things remain embedded in her head, even when she's hopping in puddles and chasing frogs.

Really nice, warm, fuzzy stuff here. Love it!
10/30/2021 c4 jojoDO
...Ooof. Bitter pill to swallow. You really put us through K's eyes here, and the only thing that hurts worse than his self-loathing... is seeing Kyo. So indifferent. So unbothered. So... oblivious to the other side of the story. He has no idea what he means to K', and he just dominated him and walks away, drinking in the limelight. He'll probably go out and celebrate. Spend time with his girlfriend. Never knowing the impact he had on the guy he dropped in a fist fight. That's what hurts the worst.

Maaaaaan this is heavy. Heavyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. You're right, I could use a break from you nutshotting K' so much x,D
10/30/2021 c3 jojoDO
...good lord. That was an Akira thing, right? because I remember some giant gross transformation at the end of that too xD

Anyways, look at you! Flexing both your fight muscles and your horror! This was some top notch visual descriptions. I could see, hear... SMELL... and every bit of the unpleasantness you made it out to be, that's how equally unsettled I was. Right down to the actual words being spoken at the end... creeeeeeepy.

Nicely done. Nice nice nice.
10/30/2021 c2 jojoDO
K' is so adorable lol. He's this grumpy little gremlin, puffing his cheeks out, with his hands in his pockets, and he just wants to argue about everything. It's like that's his way of communication: arguments, retorts, and stupid namecalling lol. I love how Maxima just feeds it. He knows exactly what buttons to press to keep K' acting like his "lovable" self hahaha.

These interactions are always so priceless. Keep it up! You do NESTS such justice!
10/22/2021 c4 67illyrilex
Geeezus, Mali. How are you so good?

Your grasp on the ex-NESTS crew never fails to impress me… and I love it. This is awesome!
10/22/2021 c3 illyrilex

First thing's first: I did not expect to see K9999 make a guest appearance, well, anywhere, so this was very unexpected. However, once you started describing what was attacking K' I knew immediately and was like, "...no way." The description of... I guess what was left of him was awesome; it painted a very clear, vivid picture, and it was/is very reminiscent of Resident Evil bosses when they start mutating (minus Capcom's proclivity for random monster tiddies, that is). For a second there I was like, Dammit, K', use the shotgun!" but then I remembered that this isn't RE lol And even if our surly protag had such a thing at his disposal it wouldn't have worked anyway but now I'm getting off track.

The way you wrote this fight was also great; I can definitely take a lesson or two from you. It felt visceral, like... the action (and danger) really shone through with each line.

So... tl;dr I loved this chapter.
10/11/2021 c2 54WriterPerson78
Hee, I love this one! Gods when I think of the wild plans NESTS had I could only wonder what their Plans for World Domination(tm) list consisted of if the TOP thing was "Harvest Fight Power from sporadic tournaments." I gotta agree with K' here, that was not bright. X'D

But importantly I love the camaraderie between these two, little things like K's ultra hot and stiff coffee, and then him grumpily going out for smokes and pudding. It's all so nicely domestic even while discussing NESTS's stupid plans.

This is great!
10/11/2021 c2 67illyrilex
Once again, Mali has swooped in with quality Team K' content, and, as always, I am HERE for it. I totally agree with K' here; NESTS and battle data was just... Idk, man. It sounds like such a logistical nightmare.

Anyway, I love the way K' and Maxima play off of each other. None of it seems forced; it all flows really well and is hella natural. Not only that, but their voices are very distinct (I think I mentioned that with the previous chapter and K' vs. Kula), and everyone sounds different and believable and I just have so many good things to say here but I'm gonna stop here because I'm getting rambly.

Once again, awesome job, and I can't wait to see what else you'll bless the fandom with :)
10/4/2021 c1 33shellalana
Woof! You squeezed every ounce of emotion into every word. This was a lovely read, and demonstrates the wonderful parallels between K' and Kula, with Maxima being the peanut butter keeping them together xD
10/3/2021 c1 4Hikari Mukami
It has been so interesting. I had always wondered how they would train.
The truth is that I loved it.
Thank you!
10/2/2021 c1 13Helsic
Wow! You write so well! very descriptive without being overwhelming with unnecessary details and the rhythm in the scenes is very good!
I like how you wrote K' it felt very canon.
10/2/2021 c1 133jojoDO
Well... tis the season... I AM UNSETTLED! X _ X well, if I'm being honest here, my heart is crushed into a thousand little cocoa pebbles, but let's not let that detract from what a good job you did : D

The contrast here is really well done. You doing this from both perspectives really shows that there's no imbalance of power between them: they can both hurt each other. Very badly. They both have to restrain themselves. I can only imagine how the two of them must have to pull their punches. It's an even scarier thought for Kula, who has a more... I don't want to say naive, but, YOUNG outlook on things. You really cranked out the childlike juices, making her a damn heartbreaking, pitiful sight when K' accidentally burned her, and giving her an almost sociopathic childlike naivete when she froze K'.

I prefer to see these two cuddling and being absolutely adorable, but you had other plans. And this was brilliant. You passed this prompt with flying colors, and I hope to see you tackle more of them!
10/2/2021 c1 67illyrilex
Mali, if I could post images here it would be that one of the fat cat breathing heavily. You know I've always adored your writing and have been like, "OMG FINISH THIS" any time I see any of your WIPs for some time now, and I'm beyond stoked that you actually did with these! I've been on a reading hiatus for a bit, but the second I saw this I needed to sit and check it out.

And, as you might have expected, I'm very glad that I did. I was always indifferent to the NESTS crew until I got to know you and your headcanons and understanding of these characters, and you've done so much to make them more than just, "Oh, here are some super-powered folks who are neat in a fighting game." They feel so human and raw, particularly in these two scenarios. You can see how they much they all care (even Maxima, even if he only has a couple of lines) for one another. I also love the subtle change in narration between K' and Kula; the difference of the words used and even the sentence structure in some cases is so awesome!

Okay, I'm getting dangerously close to rambling now (if I'm not already) so I'm just gonna say this was excellent and I can't wait to see more from you~

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