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for Emily Kaldwin: Silence is Silver

12/4/2021 c10 MalumAnima
Yeah Emily just pulling a Rich Person to solve this set of problems was great. But the highlight for me was the cultists just arguing with each other. Pure gold! Also the two guards just trying to do there job and not die in the process has been great!
11/13/2021 c7 Guest
You are an absolute bastard you bastard. Instead of killing your darlings you Mame them.

That’s the mark of a truly brilliant author bravo . I’ll be here every Saturday for more chances that you will rip my heart off. ( though I do hope you take the fate/hollow fake rout and turn my pain into rainbows and happiness.)

Ps. So glad that I’m the first reviewer of this fantastic series.
11/15/2021 c1 MalumAnima
This story doesn’t have a single review? Unacceptable! I haven’t even played all of dishonored 1 and I’m having a blast with this. Fantastic job and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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