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for The Gamers Guide to Freedom (Remastered)

53m c12 NamfoodleTuren
It has been so long I forgot this story existed. So glad to be reminded, I love this story.
1h c11 Invictus602
I just hope you don’t forget you added Ingrid the pink haired dark skin woman. Always a good a choice
1h c12 2Daemon Sadow
Yay for Kuro! Love to see some DxD again, especially Ravel, looking forward to the whispered deal with Koneko and some more Sona time.
2h c12 mangouschase
holy shit, Shiro updating Freedom 2
2h c12 2FinalKingdomHearts
I thought you dropped this story.
Is the bonus scene cannon?
3h c12 federermod
It's back!
4h c12 Quinton Blair
Thank you for the chapter
4h c12 frankiebayer2002
This is great can’t wait for the next chapter
5h c12 SirLaze
5h c12 insanecoop
Still the beat story imo
6h c12 Acqua OfThe Back
Gracias por volver a actualizar esta historia, tenía muchas ganas de seguir leyendola
6h c11 Justin Briones
7h c12 Ballandiss
Chaos, chaos and milfs... Loveee it
8h c12 Rex-Mortuorum
good chapter, happy to see that this kuro hasn't been forgotten. love the chaos he brings about. I look forward to the next chapter
8h c12 BlueArk64
holy crap i thought u might have dropped this as u love to work on ur gamer guild stuff happy to see it wasnt as i love this series keep up the great work mate
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