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for The Gamers Guide to Freedom (Remastered)

6/26 c13 danj0929
well alright then father of the Gaap Faction begins with a likely four children on the way he will become famous for being able to consistently make children strange thing to e famous for huh lol
6/26 c12 danj0929
oh shit he's going to be a father also shotgun wedding anyone
6/26 c11 danj0929
oh poor Lord Gremory or should we say lady gremory you sir you're a real one "this is your fuck up, you deserve to get fucked for it too!" lol I'm fucking rolling his mother don't play
6/26 c10 danj0929
god i am loving this rewrite wondering if diodora is gonna get himself and his peerage destroyed again lol probs not though but maybe
6/22 c13 Meepman
Just finished this. Good writing. Hope you're making more of this I'd probably read whatever you wrote even if it was something else.
6/23 c13 Inritus
Hey it still got updated so all's good.
6/21 c13 KingK9
As a long time reader of your works, I can say with certainty that this is the most boring of your fics. After seeing this get updated again, I decided to reread this fic from the beginning, and I have to say I'm disappointed.

First, his skill sets are numerous, he's a necromancer, and a flesh crafter , and an alchemist, and a wardcrafter, and an eromancer, but they are barely shown and barely used as most of the chapters are either bonus scenes featuring other characters point of view, or smut.

As a devil, greed is an aspect that is ingrained into them, but then you see the MC gives the lands stolen from him and his family away to the families that stole them so that he can bang them.

There's barely any plot in this, all revolving around him getting a harem, and not doing much else.

In my opinion, he is entirely too forgiving, even though he can bring them back from the dead, he still hasn't found his parents murderer or brought them back, but he brought back his grandmother to have sex with and "train" and is bringing back others as well?

Now he's got 2 women pregnant, one of which will go to them, who knows what a conspiring devil would do with that, try killing kuro and taking over his family perhaps?

I just hope the plot speeds up soon before I have to decide on whether or not to take it off my favorite list.

Have a good day, I'll see you later.

6/20 c13 Thomas MCF
Hey howdy ho
glad to see you back to this story and with a absolute banger, too ! i love the idea of Kuro just making everyone he fucks pregnant so they have to ally with him. It would be cool to see a family try and fight him in some way because of it. then you could get one of those fun power fantasy moments.
Anyway thats about it, cant wait for another chapter when you feel like writing !Have a Wonderful Day-
6/19 c13 Saintsbedarned
Kids, you brought in kids. And this is probably where I say goodbye. I despise children, it's the reason I like your supervillain fic so much, so thanks for ten/eleven good chapters I can reread when I want. Im not saying it's bad, I just despise the thought of children.
6/20 c13 kaydenburnt
Holy shit, you got to post more for this fanfiction man, can't wait for the grayfia scenes!
6/19 c13 Kil'jeaden
Great chapter
6/19 c13 Rightword
I think you're actually writng quite a lot, so good on you for that. Keep up the good work. I've been playing Skyrim too with the Legacy of the Dragonborn mod and everything I can find to make it more fun to look at. Usually, I'm doing this when I should be doing homework. College is a drag.
6/19 c13 8Archangel Change24
I definitely want more of this. I loved the original before you cancelled it and i have been eagerly watching for this.
6/19 c13 RuneFather
6/18 c13 Xareth
Hey couldnt Kuro resurect the original dantalian like izans dad you said he was killed by izan after teaching him everything so wouldnt he be the best dantalian trait teacher for kuro like nyssea
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