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for The Gamers Guide to Freedom (The Rewrite)

12/3 c7 juantu1
A clear improvement over the previous version is that this Kuro does act like a lord and cares about the political scene and how to take advantage of it. The previous one simply went to play Kuoh because they told him that they had his house ready and he should go, as when he deviates to visit Venelana just because he asks for her presence and Grayfia tells him to go without explanation.
And once there he himself does not care about his situation as a landless Lord and simply dedicates himself to accepting almost everything they tell him just because the satans tell him even though as long as he does not do really bad they cannot do anything to him, and they are obliged to defend him already in order to save their faces
Honestly if you skipped the first chapters and omitted the few times that refer to him as lord you would think he was the heir to the house because of his actions and not the lord.
11/30 c2 Guest
this is so fucking shit its funny read if you like ntr hahahahhahahah
12/1 c7 Carlmike94
Kuro is being a busy bee, against his nature. And the mental picture of Koneko, in a maid uniform, going full catgirl while sleeping in his lap is amazing! I would pay for someone to draw that. Can't wait to see how the next chapter turns out, and later on when Nys gets revealed to certain people
11/25 c7 Jims
I'm not sure if you're taking suggestions but I think Kuro should keep his neutral status. He could start a one-man merchant guild(?) then ally himself with the devils, which means nobody would be able to boss him around while still having good relations with multiple factions.

Keep up the great work!
11/26 c7 duedguy15
I’ve been reading your stuff for a long time and I’ve seen some massive improvements, thanks for being great and thanks for the chapter!
11/26 c1 duedguy15
Riser allowing his queen to suck off someone else doesn’t feel in character, isn’t he supposed to be a super possessive asshole?
11/26 c4 1D72
hah, drugs are an angle I haven't really seen much of, and Kuro can do much better than "Get randomly fucking smashed"

"Everything tastes like raspberry" seems like a good one. Pleasure or torture, tincture or poison, depending on dosage and intent!
11/23 c5 Guest
Hope he revive his mom soon and get more powers
11/24 c7 RuneFather
7?! Damn, I don't know whether to pity or respect you.
11/23 c7 iRick
Thanks for the chapter!
Really cool story.
11/23 c6 iRick
Thanks for the chapter!
Man, I'm really loving this rewrite.
11/21 c1 Guest
His family choices could damn his future or cause big complications and he just couldnt be bothered with it. Great start.

Buddy buddy with asshat Riser. The worthless bastard happily sharing his queen as a toy to be passed around with anybody of worthy stature. The MC happily sharing her.

No thanks to any of that.
11/23 c5 iRick
Thanks for the chapter!
11/23 c4 iRick
Thanks for the chapter!
Man, this dungeon system is several times better than the other one...
11/23 c3 iRick
Thanks for the chapter!
Man, the interactions here are really well thought!
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