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10/5 c1 22Brendalwood
That’s a wonderful story.
I will follow in case you wish to add more later Bakers chocolate- that will cure her of eating it LOL.

Fun I love his delight. No wonder he’s such a great dad.
10/4 c1 Guest
Awww I love this !
10/3 c1 31lostinthewords
Awww this is so sweet!
10/3 c1 Kimber1983
Awww so cute thanks for writing it
10/3 c1 14lil'mousie323
How sweet!
10/3 c1 Kimesita
Pure sweetness!
10/3 c1 17princessitsy
Well that's adorable!
10/3 c1 daughterofriversong23
This is so good!
10/3 c1 6The Countess and Her Earl
I loved this so much! Everything about it is perfect.
10/3 c1 Guest
Oh this is lovely! Thank you. I miss Henry and Elizabeth fluff. Love how you worked the chocolate in. I’m guessing this is why Henry learned to hide a secret stash.
10/2 c1 timeafanx
Oh this was so cute! Than you for writing!
10/2 c1 nancyramos07
That was sweet! Loved it! Can we expect more?

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