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for Falling in Love (10th Anniversary Edition)

11/25/2021 c1 Guest
You know the whole multiple versions of a story rule only applies to other authors copying your work, right? You're allowed to have multiple versions under one account.
10/20/2021 c18 2TeatedTiten
THIS STORY IS SO GOOD! Like seriously, I can't explain how much I love this story, all I can say is, this story are one of the few exceptions of a Perfect Story. Very few stories are perfect, but this is DEFINITELY one of of them. Also, don't think I didn't see you upload like NINE CHAPTER IN A DAY! ARE YOU A MADBIRD!? Overall though, this story is amazing and you should definitely be proud of yourself for making this. Even though I haven't read the other 2 stories yet, I highly doubt they will be anything less than a masterpiece.
10/16/2021 c1 Riolover
10/11/2021 c18 Shyguy the master
Great story,
10/11/2021 c17 Shyguy the master
Blu broke his promise. But can't say I blame him.
10/11/2021 c16 Shyguy the master
I love the changes to Eduardo
10/11/2021 c15 Shyguy the master
Whoa, unbelievable
10/11/2021 c14 Shyguy the master
Such a sweet scene.
10/11/2021 c13 Shyguy the master
They finally tied the knot 3
10/11/2021 c12 Shyguy the master
D'AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW I love that Jewel accepted his proposal.
10/11/2021 c11 Shyguy the master
Concerning the one review. It doesn't matter what you would have done, it would have had no foreshadowing. We're following things directly from the first movie, it's called hiding in the shadows. Manipulating things from behind the scenes. It's a bad guy trope.
10/11/2021 c10 Shyguy the master
Love how Blu remained by Jewel's side. Blu is such a great guy.
10/11/2021 c9 Shyguy the master
Only a sick mind could come up with something as cruel as Amber smashing Jewel's eggs. WTF is wrong with you, lol just kidding.
10/10/2021 c18 Scarlet ripper
This was still a classic story, still every bit as good as when you first wrote it so long ago.
With your ending note, I guess you're redoing them all? Cool, that means I can see Fall of a Hero update live this time.
10/10/2021 c17 Scarlet ripper
What? No closing author notes this time :(
Oh well, things are picking up here. I love the tension delivered in the last line.
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