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1/7 c2 Broeken Glasz
please continue.
this is interesting and entertaining.
that is all.
6/5/2022 c2 1The Lord of Voldemort of Rivia
Really well done! Do continue :D
1/24/2022 c2 TrueHomiePiP
there are depths to this story that keep on catching me off-guard :') I keep thinking it's 100% fluff and then it hits me right in the kidney \o/ (mind you, I can always, always do with 100% fluff, just saying)
I love getting glimpses into Lily and James as parents and how they remain themselves, but gain parenting as an extension of those selves. I loved seeing Lily and Harry have their conversation and I do hope Harry can confide in his dad a lil bit too \o/
Lily's Snape arrangement with Dumbledore is... YIKES. A lot :O
the gymnastics, the straight ACROBATICS, they have to do to keep Snape on-side is NUTS. Imagine your moral compass being SO tenuous that someone as clearly in love and devoted as Lily has to squash that whole part of her being just so he'll consider doing what is essentially the decent, right thing :s
the Peter situation just keeps on getting more and more fascinating \o/ and Dumbledore telling Hagrid they're dead? BRUH. such an enthralling read!
and Lily and James when they're alone? FIRE \o/ so well done fam. great job you!
1/23/2022 c2 Iwik

Bloody cunt, had me in tears. You're really capturing how funny the marauders and Lily can be. Same with Harry and his snarky humor.
1/23/2022 c2 4Iwik
O wow I adore this story. I don't have any questions so far, as I hope you'll be answering them all during the course of this story. But you're painting a very elaborate and compelling story so far, for what I thought would only be a week of Lily living at the castle while trying to educate the kids who learned nothing useful from Snape.

I really love it so far, can't wait for more.
10/13/2021 c1 lojosmom
I loved the first chapter. All three Potters are awesome, especially James. He's a fantastic father and husband. I could totally see Snape trying to catch James cheating and then being a tattletale when he finds him with Lily.
10/7/2021 c1 7Fayejase
Very wonderful story. Makes my heart so so unbelievably happy.
10/7/2021 c1 42buffyangelinfinitdesire
Hopefully Snape is sick for much more than a week and, after student performance soars with a competent Potions Professor who doesn't need to terrorize and abuse her students to get results, Snape is 'encouraged' to 'retire' and Lily is given the position permanently.

Okay, probably not. But a girl can dream.

This story is so great! I love how happy Lily and James are together and that they have such a great relationship with Harry. I always thought the whole 'boarding school at eleven' thing must be really hard on families who actually like each other.
10/5/2021 c1 Guest
Harry x Lily Evans : non-con
Draco x Lily Evans : non-con
10/4/2021 c1 TrueHomiePiP
this is wonderfully written! \o/
you've done a phenomenal job of building a world where these three get to be their own, beautiful little family :') It always makes me feel great reading stuff like this!
the twist of having Peter at Godric's hollow that night is very intriguing too! his interactions with Harry are so interesting and the fact that Lily, Harry and James really loved him hits home very hard.

Spattergroit for Snape? xD xD did James have anything to do with this? lololol
that's the comeuppance he deserves for cockblocking so well!
More than anything, I love how you've portrayed the immense love this family has for each other, in particular the love Lily and James have \o/ great job!
10/4/2021 c1 4Iwik
I did not expect to see the plot at the end of the chapter and how much it would hurt to have Peter there. Great writing!

I loved how happy the Potters are with each other. Harry included. His sass game only upped when raised by his parents. 'Sirius Black', of course he dares to sass McGonagall. He's perfect.

I for one do not believe a second that James had nothing to do with incapacitating Snape lol. The fact that he thought James was cheating only to catch them in the act makes it even worse for all 3 of them. Back off creepy stalker dude.

Do the Horcruxes exist here? Lily might be in for a ride if The chamber gets opened.
10/3/2021 c1 Ruk
Great start

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