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for Something About Her

7/4 c4 6MeredithGreyGSM
Omg this story is sooooo good! Please come back and continue it!
2/10 c4 lucindatkx
I really hope you can finish this! it's awesome
2/3 c4 1SymphonicCascadia398
This is a fantastic story! I really hope you keep it going.
2/1 c4 18Kigo Queen
Oh wow. Just. Wow... I'm so stuck and read it twice. It is amazing and cannot wait to read more.
1/24 c4 MzIndyBabii
Please tell me there is more. I need Mer to live and Addie to make it all better. I hate Derek so thanks for his portrayal.
10/10/2021 c3 dudze
im dying of anxiety here

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