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for Wait, is that a Pokémon?

10/31/2021 c1 Zyxis Ouroboros ReArchtypist
Followed. I really like the whole potential, move mastery, innate talent, and perfect ability thing you have going. It is an interesting concept that reminds me of IVs, just executed in a way that is easier to keep track of narratively. Looking forward to more.
10/30/2021 c6 10Silverleone
I'm interested to see where you go with this! The almost rpg style you've integrated into your story is something I've been working on in a personal book. You got a follow from me!
10/25/2021 c1 anime weeb 18
nice chapter! can't wait for u to update again, keep up the good work!
10/25/2021 c6 yochan123
Oooh future lucario

I like your system here with max levels and potential - makes sense here combining game mechanics with the Pokémon world (you can’t have a normal pidgey just trying to defeat a gold charizard lol)

And I also like that there’s a small chance for Pokémon to increase their potential. Makes sense! I’m curious how ppl in that world gauge potential since they don’t have words popping up

And yeah:.: Jack didn't know how Ash would pass it in the future, as he wasn't the brightest bulb in the box
ash is a dummy lol

Hopefully Jack can become a champion level before ash even sets out on his journey lol
10/25/2021 c5 yochan123
I’m curious if Pokémon can raise their potential over time? If they train a ton or such or have some event that unlocks it to the next level

I want that diamond dragonite lol such a beauty

Glad you gave him a shiny charmander! Charizard is so awesome

He should definitely find that squirtle squad and get a future blastoise

Will he rescue damian’s charmander too or is the timeline too confusing for that? Wouldn’t hurt having two charizard a
10/25/2021 c4 yochan123
Does Jack remember the squirtle squad and where the bulbsaur was found in the anime? Cuz he can get some mighty fine Pokémon
10/25/2021 c3 yochan123
I like these aura abilities - makes a lot of sense to me and not something that’s gonna let him punch a salamence for instance lol

I really want him to capture that arcanune lol that GOLD potential! And maybe that silver fearow cuz that’s an awesome level right there even though he has like no Pokémon to fight for him rn lol
10/25/2021 c1 1SSJRikudou
I suggest you take a break from uploading, and just stockpile chapters. it'll make things easier on writing and spacing things out in the long run. also let's you edit any chapter in the drafts you may not like and change things.
10/25/2021 c2 yochan123
Yay aura! And being able to see potential! That must be the fearow leader that chased ash lol

Those are some nice dying perks. Enough money and good TMs. Great TMs and stuff I have on my main team (that flamethrower on my charizard basically one hit KO’d like 70% of Pokémon X for me).

I hope he can get some nice dragons and get dragon claw/pulse/outage later

Cuz dragon types are fairly OP _
10/25/2021 c1 yochan123
Ooh fun start! I hope he can get some rare Pokémon on his team! None of that zubat or butterfree shit I see too often in other fanfics. I don’t bring that team to beat the elite four in my games lol

Hope you continue this~
10/15/2021 c5 keht.jelicho
just saw the author Note at the end of the chapter, disregard previous question about the [E and [M
10/15/2021 c5 keht.jelicho
what does the [E and [M stand for after the moves? as in "Wing Attack[E, Extreme Speed[M, Agility[E..."
10/15/2021 c4 Cloud 9 Fish
Jack apart of the wiki gang?
10/9/2021 c3 Guest
Aww, no booby traps?

(I’m just kidding)
10/11/2021 c3 keht.jelicho
what are the [E and [M after some of the moves?
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