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9/12 c46 huuduy.nguyen1234567890
Thx author san for the chap
8/20 c46 Guest
This is a fucking dumb story it was good for the first 10 chapters but the second cannon events started it became just another rewrite of the story just with light changes
8/18 c46 Lejani Berd-DI
I had a lot of fun with this chapter. Don't expect the desert trip to be fun. I agree with your decision to look like canon.

Hahaha I never thought that Luffy and Sanji's jealousy would agree, and less than a camel.

I love that Robin is the only one who can avoid or convince Luffy and his impulsive actions. Being attentive, calm and kind. But the others... If they take advantage of the boy, miserable. XD.

And regarding the subject of death in One Piece and its lack of it. I find it ironic and coincidental that this started with Vivi's character. Having her a rather idealistic vision.

He asked me if you will better fix or justify the fight between Luffy vs Crocodile. Because in the original series it doesn't make sense for a rookie to beat an experienced pirate with his fist. Yes, Luffy used blood (water is Crocodile's weakness and allows him to be touched) but Crocodile shouldn't have any problems (besides using poison on Luffy). And even more so, when we later see the same subject fight against Doflamingo and other similar forces. Which Luffy couldn't with them until he's out of the Time skip.

In addition to the 80 million reward that he has is little to be a Shicibukai.

good luck.
8/18 c46 11Power of Magic
Well, looks like things are more or less going how it went in the anime for Luffy and the others, so here's hoping that they'll be able to beat Crocodile and his goons much sooner and easier. I was half expecting Mr 2 to appear in Alubarna, disguised as Kozha and try to attack Cobra or something, while in front of all the soldiers, before running away so that the two armies would still fight each other for that stupid warlords amusement
8/8 c45 Power of Magic
Glad that Vivi was able to reach her father and tell him everything that happened, and lets hope that Robin doesn't get captured by anyone of Baroque Works. I wouldn't be surprised if Smoker will appear in the capitol before Crocodile's plan begins, and here's hoping that Kozha and Igaram will be saved or escape
8/7 c45 jonmjh
Uh oh...that okama's going to take Kohza's place. I hope Robin or Vivi smokes him out before he does any damage.
8/1 c9 8nasapeepolover116
but they didn't do that after the celestial dragon went away. They just went back to their daily routine
8/1 c9 nasapeepolover116
I mean technically he is still human so he more so probably has a learning disability his body just takes on some of the properties of rubber If you know the real fruit it makes more sense
7/30 c44 Lejani Berd-DI
Hehe, sense of Luffy did something stupid, after they mentioned that he is smart. Irony.
But what made me smile a lot was the misunderstanding of the brothers. Poor Robin.

Every time I wonder what changes or direction the story of Luffy's journey will take.

I don't remember if I told you, but just in case. You should apply the death of a character when he has no save against a certain sentence or situation.
Example: Pell and the bomb.

I know that One Piece is a happy story but several times the story mentioned the dangers of the grand line and its people only for the protagonists to always seem to succeed without having lost anything. I think Zoro is the exception (before the timeskip) when he loses a sword and he was still recovering from his battle injuries. And the Merry, well that ship yes.
But things like Luffy's Gear Second was dangerous for him to use or that the Straw Hat gang declared war on the world but there is no country that showed such an act, in fact Luffy and company arrive at a place and nobody notices. , especially that they carry the symbol of the crew on the sails of a great ship.

But if it is justified or if a certain character is saved by someone else, then there is no problem.
7/28 c1 Mischiefsoul93
Finally, I great LuffyxRobin story
7/26 c44 Bean Sprouts
I was expecting them to suspect that the two of them were in an incest type relationship… a bit awkward isn’t it?

Anyways, It’s good to see Ace again!

Thanks and great chapter!
7/26 c44 11Power of Magic
Glad that Vivi was able to meet with Kozha and here's hoping that he'll be able to meet with Cobra (the real one, and not Mr 2 pretending to be the king). I too would've thought that Robin and Luffy were in an incestuous relationship upon learning that Ace was the brother for them both. Here's hoping that Luffy and the others will have no trouble meeting the king, and that Vivi's father will allow Robin to see and read the Poneglyph
7/22 c2 Nicedoente
Okay i'm stupid i didn't read the synopsis
7/22 c1 Nicedoente
So is this luffy older or is robin younger? Since the ohara incident was 22 years before the beginning of the story.
7/21 c43 Lejani Berd-DI
another chapter.

-My favorite Okama makes an appearance. Yeah.
And Robin thinking fast, avoiding an exhibition.

- XD Nooo Sanji, besides being a murderer, he doesn't waste.

-Luffy and Robin thinking together, how cute.

-Very funny restaurant scene. Luffy discovering that it was him and then continue eating XD.

- Who will be the subject that appears before Crocodile? Hmm, interesting.

- Now that I think about it, the part I love, (spoiler, if you don't read the manga)
It is the panel of the manga, where Luffy dances in the campfire while Robin watches him
smiling. This made me think that she didn't feel that way at a party because of her past and dark lifestyle until now. Luffy being the boy of light and laughter.
And already in Wano, both transformed into a being that represents them.
I feel like Oda dismisses Robin. Or he downplays her.

I really liked the chapter. Take care and good wins to you.
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