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for Claws, Dripping Red (ASOIAF Self Insert)

3/14 c1 10bookwormjohnny2
nice! please update!
12/31/2021 c1 Guest
"...most grimdark settings.."...Really, my friend, have you ever heard of Warhammer?

Like really, what's with people thinking ASoIaF is grimdark.. it really isnt.
1/2 c1 QCoffee
Hope this continues. This is the first and maybe the only fic centered on house Celtigar.
12/7/2021 c1 3Crazzytony
seems interesting I hope to see more!
10/28/2021 c1 BlackWolf091
A wonderful start! I cant wait to read where you take the story next, Ill be watching for updates
10/18/2021 c1 Guest
Choose one
10/13/2021 c1 Aregreste
Interesting beginning but it would be much more entertaining if their weapon would be magic and not dragons because they really have nothing to resurrect dragons and become dragonriders.
But summoning fire demons? Piromancy? Star and sea sorcery?
And if main hero saw series he would be cautios of usage of dragons against Others.
10/11/2021 c1 3BrotherCaptainSheperd
You'll need dragons. You have dragonblood in you so... By hook or crook get a dragon. Its the only way.
10/8/2021 c1 yochan123
Well I like both of the works that inspired you. Really hope you can post on ao3 tho cuz it’s damn hard to find crossover fics on this bad platform
10/8/2021 c1 dragon rose 11
interesting I'll be looking forward for more.
10/7/2021 c1 3coldblue2015
Interesting concept.

Nobody tried House Celtigar and they have been one the three Valyrian Houses in Westeros.

Even the Books or Fans or Euron Greyjoy speculate that House Celtigar has a Kraken Summoning Horn...I hope that part of the story.

Love the Valyrian features and the fact that Castle Celtigar is made with Valyrian Magic Black Stone.

289 AC...that the start of the Greyjoy Rebellion and a good way to build up certain alliances/fame.

It seems that our MC is having a positive Economic effect on Trade and House Celtigar is doing great with prospective future Lord. Still, the MC is aware of the 2nd Long Night and the Others/White Walkers. He still has time to prepare, but he needs more Military Leverage, Supplies and...Magic.

Will the Main Character be able to use the Valyrian Dragon Horn or Kraken Summoning Horn?

Does House Celtigar in THIS universe, have a Kraken Summoning Horn that needs someone capable of Magic to use?

What prospective marriage/alliance will our MC Celtigar have in this story?

That all I got.

Keep up the good work, stay safe and stay healthy!
10/7/2021 c1 4Valkorion510
Is it nice, guys?
10/6/2021 c1 Mister LaGuardia
Fun beginning, though heavy on the history; hopefully it clears the way for character interaction. Hoping to see more!
10/6/2021 c1 The Lion's Pride
Prologue is interesting. Good play on history of Celtigars. But what is occuring in present is not clear. Since this is 289 AC then squids are rebelling. Then shouldn't Celtigar as sworn to Stannis be part of Royal Fleet against the Greyjoys. Also if his family believed him then there ought to be changes or butterflies. Where are they? Anyhow, waiting for next chapter.

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