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for Supernatural Iinterpantheon Storm

6/26 c4 Guest
Didn't Percy not sense amphrite a little surprised at Sally threat after hearing the story
6/26 c2 A
Don't get why you gave him earth and fire he was already op with his power set
6/26 c5 jeremiahkelley93
Great chapter.
6/2 c4 jeremiahkelley93
Great chapter.
5/22 c3 NoaRien
Great job
5/11 c3 waile
please update
4/2 c2 chimera629
Where did he get pyrokinesis from ?
How was he kept safe until he could defend himself?
Him crushing on woken he sees as sisters is already weird but his mom too that's just
3/15 c2 5plums
I like the idea of Kala and Raynare in the PJ u-verse. Serafall just feels extraneous as she's literally in everything.
2/22 c2 Alexvsjsn
cool story so far, like the numbers and footnotes not really seen them before in fanfics
1/4 c2 Look2022
Good Chapter.
12/27/2021 c2 1Alder Hill
its an interesting premise, i am eagerly waiting the next installment.

Regardign Percys love interest in this dxd crossover...
As if you previously mentioned it is to be a harem, my nominees are:

Raynare and Kalawarmer: They are both underdeveloped characters that would be interesting to see developed, and by being intertwinned with percy from the point where he is so young there is a setup for many interesting and funny interactions, you can go with them first looking at him as a child and eventually falling for him and having to come to terms with how he is no longer a child, and changing his view of him so they can accept they have fallen for him. it also allows for an easy way to drag percy into the main canon.

Akeno: depending on when percy and sally meet her they could have a huge impact on her character. if they meet her before her mother died, sally and her mother have lots in common and could bond easily about falling for supernatural beings while parcy and akeno could relate by having to cope with absentee parents and not being normal humans. how similar they both can be set up an interesting and rich relationship for both of them to help the other grow. If they meet lster on, they can still empathise with the other due to similar backgrounds.

Rossweisse: dont have as much as a good argument for her as the other 3, i just think that her personality and smarts make her somewhat similar to annabeth. and if canon percy could fall so deeply in love for annabeth, he could fall for somebody else who is similar. plus she allows to explore the magnus chase part of the riordan verse. And the poor girl could use someone nice that doesnt talk down to her after odin.

Personally i think a smaller harem, 4-3 tops, is the best as it allows for well developed characters and relationships, but here are my two wildcards.

Xenovia: Blue hair, and a love of swordfightning, make for a start of their relationship. but it might take some work for their relationship to be interesting.

Sonna: Similar to Rossweisse, she is a smart beautiful woman who takes charge, all characteristics simialr to annabeth, and if canon percy fell for her, fanfic percy could fall for sonna as she is simiar. Her being a water element magic user, could help them bond and push each other further along by sharing tips.

those are my recomendations, hope they were useful, what did you think?
12/23/2021 c2 Nerdpacalypse
Harem Suggestions
Annabeth Chase
Thalia Grace
Zoe Nightshade
Ravel Phenex
Kali (Hindu goddess)

I vote yes for both Percy having a sacred gear and him and Sally being descendants of devil maybe from House of Leviathan or Sitri to give them a greater connection to water

I would recommend placing the DxD Hades storyline with Nergal (sumerian god of Death, War, and Destruction) because I can't see the Percy Jackson Hades participating in a plan to destroy the world
11/10/2021 c1 4dcoon
You should use a linebreak to separate your story and your AN.
10/24/2021 c1 kogentasprimo
dormant but thin devil blood, maybe a descendant of merlin? since he was rumored to be a hidden son of the morning star in some fanfictions or something? also the power scaling while i agree it would be needed to be re-written, there should be no way that a 1 pair wing angel/fallen is as powerfull as a god class/actual god being, maybe atleast a new partial immortal hunter on raw power lvl? though its your story and you do you but from the scaling that is present in both universes from what i was able to piece together from my reading of the pjo books they relied more on skill than raw power to win while the dxd verse is more focused on raw power so maybe you can scale it by adding actual skill to it? and thereby learning how to manage power instead of thedemigods just instinctually using their power and call it skilled.(while PJO is skill based the powers were by no means fleshed out in the books) also if im not mistaken dxd takes place sometime around 2015ish or a little beyond i believe?
10/23/2021 c1 NoaRien
Great job
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