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18h c31 Guest
was a fun read, too bad it's incomplete.
5/22 c1 aspsi
Why would Gamabunta ask Naruto to henge him into the nine tails? Gamabunta wanted to be able to grab the one tails but he didnt have any claws, if henge was an illusion he wouldnt be able to grab the one tails but that's not the case
5/22 c1 aspsi
Henge does change a persons shape. How else would you explain Sasuke being able to throw Naruto like a shuriken at Zabuza? Or at Momoshiki?
5/9 c2 Guest
Fun fact. This author has no fkin idea how Henge works.

Henge is an illusion. It does NOT transform you into another shape. Only Naruto's Henge is different and even that is either because he is so dumb he actually invented a completely new jutsu and not even realizing it while failing to learn Henge because his control is shit OR it is because of Kyuubi's influence and the fact his chakra is constantly in Naruto's system. Dunno.

But Henge definitely does not work the way this author thinks.
3/21 c2 Panda.k1ng
Yeah this guy has no idea how the sharingan works. Absolutely clueless
3/17 c31 Guest
To call this shit would be an insult to shit, atleast shit can be used as fertilizer.
3/17 c1 Guest
Brainless trash, wasting time reading this will only result in dead braincells and time you'll never get back.
3/11 c1 bloodylover93
So much rants and useless thoughts in that chapter, I'm pretty sure only 1/10 of it is relevant. The mc ranting I get but you don't have to write every little rant he does
2/1 c24 giovvaniauditore
1/22 c5 Felon GT
I finish this is amazing. Please come back
1/3 c8 KanjiK
This Sasuke is becoming what itachi pretended to be, a prodigy who went crazy. Kakashi really isn’t helping matters either
1/3 c8 Yoshi
Well he is no longer super relatable but I love his character
1/1 c1 Yosh
Your self insert is honestly so fricking relatable, I’ve never read a self insert that I could relate so much to. Literally if someone told me you are me from the future who travelled back in time and wrote a Sasuke fic to somehow get a message across discreetly to me, I will accept the possibility. Like sure space time doesn’t work like that but still. It’s how relatable you are
12/26/2023 c4 Doxxie
Why did he have to indulge Naruto? I won’t lie that pissed me off. Not that it matters since this is abandoned.
12/16/2023 c31 Ryan
It's funny how the reviews are so hit or miss, but not a surprise. If you're looking for dialogue and relationship building, skip this story, but if you like the first two chapters, definitely read on! There's plenty of character growth beyond the obvious power curve, and I like the science behind it, especially because it doesn't particularly matter if its correct. He's not a scientist, self-admittedly, so why should it matter? The ideas derived from half-remembered concepts prove themselves after all. Damn good story overall, don't let the negative reviews persuade you to think otherwise.
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