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2h c24 Watcherofwaves
Holy crop bro! Wow just wow you’ve really just done amazing on the lead up and execution of this chapter!
3h c28 TheOnlyMax
I LOVE THIS ! the only suggestion I have is to come to a good launching off point for interludes.
11h c29 largomolo
Lmao, Haku takes no prisoners.
13h c1 1thomquiri
mhhh, I see that you make a (very accurate) critism of the fanfictions of this fandom at the beggining of the chapter, and that sets my expectations higher than for the usual fanfiction, I know that someone who understand the "problems" of this fandom is fated to make a good fanfiction, I just really hope that it will be not just good but great.
(Sorry, english isn't my first language and I didn't want to use google translate because I wanted to comment "directly")
18h c29 mjtapper19
This sum gud shit. I need more and patiently wait for another chapter. the end of 29 had me laughing
19h c29 Bobthehuggod
this is great yo
23h c29 Guest
18 homes to feed one ninja? Freaking hell, no wonder there's a ninja war every couple of years. No village could sustain their numbers after some decent growth so they have to either cut things down again or steal it from their neighbours, and waging a war does both at the same time.
12/5 c29 Commentor
When Konoha and the other villages formed they basically usurped all power from the local lords. That the ninja work for them and not the other way around just seems to be setting conceit that mostly seems to be ignored latter on. I don't see how ninja eating a lot stops them from being rulers, if anything it would make them want to get rid of the current rulers more so they could take their wealth. Not like the nobles would have anyway to stop them with all ninja in the land of fire being loyal to Konoha, their money doesn't mean much when they have no way to wield it that would stop konoha from just taking it.

And all these points ignore ninja just using their skill and powers to farm themselves, drought? water jutsu. Land needs clearing of trees? earth jutsu doing months of work. Want some fish? Ok i will dive down with a net and get a 1000s of pounds of fish myself. Hashirama could probably just be like let there be wheat and grow a whole field in an instant if he is not stuck just growing that one kind of tree.
12/5 c29 Treant Balewood
Thanks for Writing!
12/5 c29 SteadyFF
the past couple chapters were a fun read. I had some concerns on how the plot would pan out after sasuke defected, but so far I've been pleasantly surprised. I think in other fics at some point their mc gets too strong too fast, at which point they just punch through the universe and go travel to one piece or bleach or something. Instead we get a pretty grounded character. He's just a powerful dude that walks around (as opposed to an mc that can emulate the powers of an entire organization or country with a flick of his wrist), and he's seeing more of the world. "I'm going to see the world" seemed a little bit ambitious because it was open ended, but seeing him latch onto how society is structured or wanting to help a rebellion were quick plot points to stick onto. I'm invested into how things are going to pan out with the story as presented.
I suppose I can complain a little, but in the grand scheme of things they're pretty minor, and if you squint they can just be summed up as "I want more content". I think the discussion in chapter 27 between the rookie 11 about sasuke defecting seemed a little... flimsy...? Looking back on it, I'm having trouble putting into words what I don't like about it. I think what I don't like is that it seemed to lack some of the nuance of the situation that I thought could/should be presented, given the info available to them. "sasuke probably had a totes good reason to do all this" says naruto. "ok, what reason could he have killed dozens(?) of loyal shinobi, including some of our clan members?" says shino. "idk lmao" then naruto dabs. It seemed like they were speaking past each other, and were just going through key talking points. We have some people not really responding, seemingly to try to figure out exactly what's happening. Which addresses some of my complaint, because some people's stoicism should imply contemplation of details that aren't present. Later on, the hokage tells kakashi to address his teammates about sasuke properly, and then we don't see that scene and okay it's a giant cliffhanger. So basically, it boils down to "I would like more content please" which I guess isn't really a criticism. But also I think now that I've written/thought through that scene, I suppose it felt like waste of time on a rather small scale, that the characters were going through some sort of motion, and so my time as a reader wasn't particularly respected. Like, if we deleted that scene entirely, does the fic change? Not really. Some of the details about the hokage being like "ok well he's a traitor but we won't try to kill him" is new information, but that's about it. As a counterpoint to this complaint, there are parts of the story where the story starts rambling on about smaller details and I've generally enjoyed those, such as describing how a technique got invented, or a heavily detailed fight, or some of the dialogues regarding seals or how chakra work between several characters ,etc.. I've written a lot words about why this small complaint is a thing, but overall it's a minor hiccup in a great story.
Anyway, everytime this fic gets updated I get super excited to read it! I eagerly await for more!
12/5 c29 1jordanlink7856
I'm loving the energy of this chapter to be honest. Also you should definitely get the Outer Wilds DLC it's AMAZING.
12/5 c29 skrapsynneh
Thank you for the chapter. I look forwards to more. And Outer Wilds slaps, in the words of another. Glad you've picked it up.
12/5 c29 2Diaspared
Outer Wilds might be my favorite game ever made.

Good goddamn taste.
12/5 c29 OllieZ
Ouff I usually enjoy Sasuke's internal ramblings... But I found hard to read and enjoy his interactioms with the actress (specially before the important info about food)...

And the part of him deciding the name of the new technique was meh. I couldn't care less about its name tbh
12/5 c29 heartlessgroom
Nice chapter.

I never really thought about how much food a ninja would have to eat. And I suppose that also sort of explains why everyone isn't a ninja. As the more ninja there are the more likely they are to fight over resources and food. At a certain point, there are too many ninja and then they have to fight one another over resources. Food is life for a ninja, 18 farmers is a lot, and it makes the task that Zabuza gave Sasuke all the more important. To feed 10 ninja you would need the collective work of 180 farmers. It's no wonder they need food so badly.

Not sure that telling Yukie all about having memories from before is all that wise an idea. Though I suppose she has no reason to tell anyone about it either. And it does probably help Sasuke mentally to let some secrets out. Yukie is also pretty cute and if her and Sasuke get a bit closer I'm all for it. It also doesn't hurt that she seems like a pretty sharp character, being able to tell that Mei is stressed just from a brief description, and having a pretty education before becoming an actor.

GPS trees are the way of the future I suppose. They are unique and they absorb chakra (also more likely to make them longer lasting) so basing a GPS system on them makes sense. Really lots of things you can use them for.

Changing the direction of ranged weaponry on the fly is also a pretty neat trick. It will definitely catch people off guard. All ninja are used to projectiles that fly in predictable arcs. They won't see it coming.

Sasuke really was having a difficult time coming up with a name huh. Hopefully variations of a jutsu are easier to name as you have something to base it off of.

Anyways, Zabuza seems pretty pleased with how with the supplies that were brought back. Sasuke didn't even use all of the money that was given to him. If one of the major bottlenecks to getting allies is food then I guess that problem has been solved right now.

I'm sure eventually Sasuke will get to see some Ice Jutsu. But now, he has to prepare for a makeover.
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