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for A Bad Night Remastered

3/18 c1 tram-train
Nagnificent, one of the best, if not the best fanfiction I read about Blu and Jewel, really enjoyed reading it!
5/28/2023 c1 16Plague Doctor 2035
Well done writing this
10/25/2021 c1 2CSX GP40-3
Another amazing job done here! This is a truly heartwarming scene. The interactions between the two birds are flawless, and it is indeed a strong suit of yours. I wish to thank you for including me on this fantastic piece, I enjoyed every bit of it. About the only thing I would change is to divide the block of text where Blu describes prom to Jewel into a few paragraphs to make it easier to read. The content matter is perfect.

I really don't have any criticism for this piece whatsoever, it was just so lovely. Astounding work!
—CSX GP40-3
10/21/2021 c1 37Proffesor Ass Spiders
This story gave me a much needed bit of dopamine, delivered with elegant punch with over 10,000 words that are packed with detail and lots of similes. You sure do love similes.

Regardless, this isn't exactly a remaster. Its more so a remake. The difference in quality between the short and sweet original and this epicness is quite large. I do agree with you on Jewel being quite interesting. Of course, Blu is my main vessel for character-study, as you can tell from my stories. I have an affinity for imagining him as being depressed and stuff. I am probably just projecting myself onto him.

Anyways, good story.

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