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9/27/2022 c12 Aion27
I know that I am very late to this but I hope that you do read this. I have been off ff for the most part so it took me awhile to get to this and I am sorry for that.

I truly didn’t realize how much it meant to me that you took the time to say goodbye and how sad it made me that you are saying it too. I may not have reviewed much at all but I anticipated your stories so much that I was always extremely happy when you released a chapter for them. It may have gotten you through hard times by writing them but it also got me though hard times by reading your stories and there is nothing I can ever say to thank you for them. The amount of time, effort, and passion you put in your stories have meant a lot to me because it always uplifted my mood no matter what else was going on irl. It sounds like you regret Harry Osborn but I don’t think you should at all because that it the story that I first read of yours and I loved it so much that I continued to read your other stories. Not gonna lie it is also the stories that I have read the most times too so please don’t regret something that meant a lot to me and led me to so much joy. I am sorry that you are saying goodbye but I hope that life treats you well and that you do amazing in all your future endeavors.

There is never going to be enough words for me to thank you for everything you have done and the hard times it has helped me though. So I will try to keep it to simple.

Thanks for everything and goodbye
8/26/2022 c12 Gwest
Thanks for everything man, I hope you'll be able to take up your pen again. Good luck with real life, it's a special kind of hell we all are forced to walk through.
8/25/2022 c5 WarLeon-ALPB93
A bit interesting. How would it be one in the style of Wolverine where his bones are made of Magic silver and he takes out claws more than the healing factor is activated that begins to heal him little by little and when he goes to Gringotts he does an inheritance and health test, which eliminates anything harmful (Horcrux and any Potion(s) in his system and possible blockages is his core magic and abilities and Natural Affinities)
8/25/2022 c12 ilayhyams
Good luck in all future adventures, it was a pleasure to be on this ride.
8/25/2022 c4 WarLeon-ALPB93
A PB3-style version: 1- Berserker dies and reincarnates as a Harry after the killing curse and the souls merge
2- Berserker ends up transported back in time trying to escape from the Witch and ends up in the cemetery where Lily is crying for the loss of her son then she sees a light and finds Baby Berserker. Lily and James adopt him by blood and magic. A Harry Potter Berserker Sorcerer
8/25/2022 c3 WarLeon-ALPB93
it would be interesting to read this story
8/25/2022 c12 Alcov
Ahh I’ve already said best of luck on sv but I’ll say it again here.

Best of luck with studying and I hope the future goes well. If you ever do release a legit book I’d probably buy it not the first time I’ve done that for a fanfic author.

Hope to hear from you again one day but if not that’s okay.

Ta ta for now
8/25/2022 c11 3ProfesorGoblitz

Also spamming F for respect
6/11/2022 c11 Dayside
Dr Doom the destroyer bot?
6/10/2022 c3 Dayside
Ooh I love Doom. What kind of disgusting person would dare genderbend Doom?
6/10/2022 c1 Dayside
Never understood the appeal of genderbending characters. I've never seen it actually improve a story.
5/28/2022 c11 ilayhyams
If you get any links for stories based on these plot bunnies you should post them so we can read them as well
5/22/2022 c10 Saggy Balls
Actually, I hate that you had Harry be so stupid as to let himself be caught. You also let him have his magic and also nerfed his apparate ability. That doesn't make sense! You can't have only partial magic power.
Oh, my blast spell is only half strong because I only have half of my normal magic! Oh, no! Woe is me!
Idiotic. The place doesn't stop transport within the realm (as Loki proved several times), it stops anyone from transporting OUT of the realm.
If you're going to steal someone else's ideas, you should at least get them right.
5/1/2022 c1 ilayhyams
If any writers do take the fic you should post the fic name so we can find it as well. Also, genderbending seems to be completely unnecessary most of the time in fanfics, usually only done for lewds or to have the mc whine about it. I have never seen it used well
3/10/2022 c8 Guest1138
Ch8 Personally, I think this points out how self-centered and ignorant that the MC is. If he really was Harry's relative, knowing full well that Harry was all alone and desired family, he would have done something the first year and not waited until fourth to say something. Keeping his knowledge to himself was just such a dick move that I actually have to hate this MC.
Also, he would have been involved in the events (or seen or heard about them) because it brought Harry to the MC's attention. The MC was quite the asshole with his own attitude and for not involving himself before now, because it's much too late to do anything for Harry with his own personality firmly entrenched into not trusting people older than him.
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