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for Reaching The Genuine Thing

3/9 c1 Coochies
this is great, hope you continue it.
2/22 c1 A Fan
When I read "dessert journey" I actually laughed. Now I know this is just a typo and not intentional, but I really hope you do not change it. The imagery alone made it amazing. I really want to go on a dessert journey scouring the world for only the finest of sugary treats.

Anyways, I look forward to more in the future. I'm gonna go make some brownies now.
2/18 c1 SamuraiFruitPunch8
I'm really glad you're going to continue with this fic, this is such an interesting ship.
2/18 c1 readerfya
This story has a lot of potential, Sawako and Hikigaya are so similar but different at the same time, even though Sawako is ostracised by her peers she is still so pure, positive, caring and she still continues to work hard in everything she does, because she’s pure I’m sure hikigaya would look out for her I’m really looking forward to seeing Sadako realise that Hikigayas the only one who sees her as ‘herself’ and not sadako and and I’m also looking forward to seeing how there friendship will grow and eventually relationship will develop
2/18 c1 Guest
A little disappointed to see it’s not an update but glad you’re coming back to it. A lot of potential here for something great
2/17 c1 Hachiman fan
Yesterday, i watch new rescue ranger movie trailer, i forgot the name was it chip or dale, the one that said, no one want a reboot. Reading this remind me of that. Is this a reboot?
2/17 c1 eagoralol
I come thinking its a new chapter :(

Plz post the bew onee soon
Thanks for the history
2/17 c1 Blanky-01
will you continue your Spider-Man story also great fic good work!
2/17 c1 guest
interesting... continue
11/7/2021 c3 Mr.N0Name
I've always wanted to see a crossover between these two shows since I feel like they would blend together pretty well and it looks like your doing pretty good so far maybe after a few more chapters try a perspective change if your up to seeing things from sawakos POV could be fun.
11/4/2021 c3 eagoralol
Plz continuee if you could make longer chapters it will ve greatt

Thanks for this
10/19/2021 c3 A Fan
...unexpectedly great. Can't wait for more.
10/13/2021 c3 Arieking
Both the fics are going smoothly rn. Hope to get some updates from both the fics soon
10/12/2021 c1 9Noth Lyv
Now that explains why there's no update of your hachimegu fic. And please continue this, this is so interesting and they both are so cute yknow
10/11/2021 c3 Amaterasu of The Black Flames
Hey! It's good to see that you're back from inactivity. I'll be excitedly awaiting future chapters of your stories. Good luck, and do your best.
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