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for Heart Broken

5/26 c2 4BookTraveler
This was a really good Annabeth analysis. I really enjoyed it! You really nailed her personality and just everything that was going on.
Thank you for sharing this!
5/26 c1 BookTraveler
Dang, this is really good! Poor Annabeth. You really nail her concern and emotional state. (Also her trying and failing to run back to help Percy despite knowing he wants her to go, that hits hard)
10/17/2021 c2 toshatasha
Sorry I'm a little late. Like your other fic, your writing seems so emotionally connecting. These small time periods hold so much underlying meaning that we never got to experience in Riodan's writing for the most part. I feel that even if I had never read PJO before, I could relate to Annabeth and understand her pain and anguish. See you around!
10/16/2021 c2 5QueenAnnabeth18
This is really good!
10/12/2021 c1 ThisSADDDmonkey
This is soo SADDDDDDDD! But it’s good

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