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for The Flip of A Coin: Side Quests

11/12 c2 Guest
Update this.

6/21 c2 4ID777
L this is hilarious. will you update this?
10/27/2021 c2 JackBlaze123
I love this

I fucking adore this

Ahem, anyways.

I'm a simple man.

I request snapshots of the timelines where my boi Percy chose either Thalia, Hestia, Calypso, Reyna, Hera (This one especially has high chances of pure comedy) and Sadie.

I will be very thankful if you gift us with those snapshots, my kind sir.
10/22/2021 c2 2Arrowman
10/21/2021 c2 krzys2000
Percy and Artemis bonding over idiot brothered and revenge!
R.I.P Triton and Apollo (and I men in pieces)
10/15/2021 c2 Boomer14
I legit laughed my ass of in the middle of a decently crowded cafe when i read the Artemis part.
I got an idea of a comeback for Triton, maybe let him see his mother in a... questionable manner with Percy? I know the guy had went through enough, but hey, non-canon is an option!
10/12/2021 c2 surya25addanki
I love these stories
10/12/2021 c2 2General Jackson
Can we get a part 2
10/12/2021 c2 6HPfanfictioner66
Oh my! This is priceless
I would love to see it be used in the real story!
It would be awesome if the pairing is Pertemis. It is my favorite!
Take care.
10/12/2021 c2 Caelum Est Finis
Lmao, that was hilarious. Didn't realize that this would come out so soon. Great job with that one (hope Triton and Apollo escaped with their lives and loins intact lol . The way you described the snake's deaths were sort of like how Percy described the Gorgon sister's in Son Of Neptune, nice touch. This was great : ) .
10/12/2021 c2 1TheFourthFate4Ever
ooooooh. I like the idea of the side quests things in general and the fact you are letting some be non-canon too is pretty awesome!

Apollo and Triton messed with the wrong people lol

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