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2/8 c14 ccandy
This is beautifully written! I'm glad I read it as a complete story, no need to wait for an update. I couldn't put it down once I started to read it. I enjoyed every second of it. Thank you Jedi Sapphire! _
10/4/2023 c14 Guest
I love your early Legolas stories! You have such great character development that I believe stays true to Tolkien’s original characters. Please do more of Legolas’s and Saldur’s early adventures. You hint at it so much in some of your other stories. I am sure there are some plot bunnies running around for you to work with!
9/22/2023 c14 Lelainafel
For some reason mu email stopped notifying me after Ch12 so I've only finished this fic now. Your LOTR stories about Eryn Galen are really my head canon and this story is as good as all the others. I especially liked seeing more of Candnaur and Queen Lindariel though it is tinged with sadness about what was to become of them later. Hope you are well and would start another story sometime!
5/18/2023 c14 6Morningleaf24
They are so cute and baby i love them!
Really love the future fic ideas, can't wait!
Also, I was analyzing the miron/bregolien arc in my head, as one does, and I just realised that the two biggest betrayals that legolas faces, thorontur and saeldur, come from a similar emotional conflict in the two of them. Their blood relative vs legolas. Thorontur could not handle the fact that he might love his kids more than he loves legolas, and saeldur could not deal with the idea that he might love legolas more than candnaur. Both emotional conflicts had the same result. I love how the mirror each other as well, and it makes me wonder what legolas would do if he was put in such a situation.
Anyways, I loved this whole fic! The ending for this one does not feel has meticulously planned as your other ones, but that's fine, I will be re-reading this time and time again.
I also really love how much we learn about Candnaur in this story. It makes the miron arc more tragic in retrospect cause he feels more like a person now, and we can relate to Saeldur's already compelling emotional turmoil even more.

Love this and love you!

p.s if you like english songs, you should listen to little lion man by mumford and sons, it fits the story Dusk almost perfectly, its insane, I cannot listen to it without thinking about saeldur, it also fits obi wan and anakin if you like star wars
this was a much longer review than normal, i feel like i can trace my character development through the reviews I have left on your fics
5/15/2023 c14 zoexzoe
you are back! I'm so happy
5/9/2023 c14 Sabrina
Sad to see the story end. I enjoyed seeing the friendship between legolas and saeldur build up. Looking forward to the next adventure. Hope you are doing well and taking care of yourself. Thank you for sharing your stories with us readers.
4/24/2023 c13 7Lusse Eldalion
I hope you are doing better! And I am glad you gave yourself the chance to rest when you foun you couldn't keeo writting this. Your faithful followers will always be here!

As I told you in the other review, here I am!

It is quite a contrast to read this, the dawn of Legolas and Saeldur friendship, after reading The Peace of the Fourth Age. Why should he trust you, dear Saeldur? Because you will give yourself whole to keep Legolas safe, that's why! Because if you have managed to be trusted by us, crazy Legolas fangirls, you have passed the ultimate test.

This fanfics of yours are such a great break from the real world... Thank you for that!

As I said, I hope you are doing better. If you ever need someone to chat with, please do count on me! Can't wait for the epologue!
4/23/2023 c13 Sabrina
I get so excited every time I see an update from you. I love your portrayal of Legolas and his growing friendship with Saeldur. I hope you are doing better. I want you to know that your updates brighten up my day. Whatever you are going thru now you will see it will get better. When my husband passed away from covid last year I struggled. To put my mind at ease I began drawing again and reading again. Your stories made me laugh made me smile and cry. I am grateful for the effort you put in and I pray things turn better for you. I hope you continue to write for you have a gift with storytelling
4/23/2023 c13 6Morningleaf24
Heyy lovely as always, am excited for the epilogue:)
I love how Saeldur does not seem to know his own value as a friend, makes me wonder when exactly he realised how much legolas depends on him, especially when you contrast this with his dynamic with legolas in the peace of the fourth age, where he talks frankly about legolas being unable to hide things from him. Was the confidence built up over centuries, or did they suddenly realise how close they had become? Did legolas know immediately who his second-in-command was going to be, or did it take some time for him to understand what everyone else know already? So many questions! I love saeldur so much, and i cant wait to see where you go with the next story:)

lots of love, take care
I hope the new city is treating you well!
2/7/2023 c11 StefKroner
wonderful story. I love reading about my favorite elves. I really hope you don't forget this story.
1/16/2023 c12 Guest
It's been a while since you updated. I hope you are doing well. Really love all your stories. You are a gifted writer.
12/16/2022 c12 StefKroner
it's an amazing story, as are all your stories about elves. I love Legolas and his friends. I hope you haven't abandoned this story. I wish you inspiration and strength to please us in the future with such wonderful works
11/18/2022 c12 Smugdragonmama
I just re read all your Mirkwood fics again. Thank you for writing so many wonderf stories. Your writing is lovely to read.
10/16/2022 c12 firepoppies
-Brynn and Saeldur make for such a fascinating pair, and their conversations are always so interesting to read- they are both not great at diplomacy, but for Saeldur that comes from who he is and his lack of guile, and for Brynn that comes from anger at the position he has been denied, and that contrast is very fun to see explored! I liked that Brynn apologized too- you know Bregolien is in the wrong when even Brynn is like "that went too far"! But also the sparring is a very very interesting proposal- I am both excited and nervous to see where that goes!
-everyone fearing the King's wrath and Saeldur ignoring every warning to spare Legolas from having to spare Legolas from getting into too much trouble is the sweetest thing, though Thranduil not even being that angry and instead knowing Legolas would have only disobeyed a commanding officer due to extenuating circumstances also warmed my heart! I have a feeling that in that last scene Thranduil is already starting to appreciate Saeldur's honesty and clear protectiveness over his son very very much! I have always had a soft spot for any scenes with the two of them- they have a few things in common, including their fierceness and tempers and love for Legolas!
As always I cannot wait for more!
10/16/2022 c11 firepoppies
This review is appallingly late, but always I enjoyed this chapter so so much!
-Bregolien's exercise made my jaw drop, poor poor Legolas!
-Saeldur and Legolas's conversation melted my cold dead heart, Saeldur's "I should hate you" made me laugh and Legolas saying that Saeldur doesn't want to become Legolas' confidante and be put in a position where Legolas speaks freely to him broke my heart- what a lonely position to be in, to be unable to express your true thoughts and feelings to anyone. Saeldur asserting that he does in fact want that made my heart swell!
-Saeldur saving Legolas made me want to lie facedown on the floor, I love them! So much! Bregolien denying Saeldur medicine to provoke Legolas made my blood boil, but I loved Legolas being like "this is important enough!" And, though Legolas would have done the same for anyone, his friendship with Saeldur is important enough! I also love when Legolas, who is like his mother in many ways, shows himself to truly be Thranduil's son, and when his inherent royal quality shines through!
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