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20h c33 Emanuel
Hi, I want to tell You If I can load up, Your fanfic in Youtube.
2/21 c101 Guddu15
Bro. Can't explain in words how beautiful this story was. Loved it. It was simply amazing.
2/18 c50 Guest
fudge getting a chocalate log from malfoy up the ass lol
2/18 c14 god eater
it's weird that hermione and nevile are just caricatures of themselves and not people who are developing their own character. even harry seems boring ffrom time to time except when he gets genuinely excited with new knowledge. but it stops there. this fics has a lot of potential for greatness but it's so one dimensional and harry needs someone that grounds him, and it might be dumbledore, even if harry is so confrontational for not reason than being trauma triggered every time dumbledore asks for his whereabouts. we know that dumbledore is being careful especially that harry seems to have the same upbringing of riddle, but dumbledore needs a different approach than always in paranoia, but being understanding and warning of magics beyond a 12 year could understand
2/18 c9 god eater
for a character like harry's, he must have friends that are jolly and actually funny. it's kinda dull without comic relief once in a while
2/18 c8 god eater
gah let him keep the wand he made. it's literally built for him. the deathstick is just a tool for people to kill, his on the other hand is a connection to his magic. kinda like in the blackresurgence's time travel fic where harry gave blood to his wand to make it on par with the deathstick, or even much more powerful than it
2/11 c19 rebecca
harry got dq but he dropped the spell that makes know since when the bird used deadly fire so what the fuck do all the writers have to make harry the bitch to evert women or girl he likes or are you just as dumb as jkr. i bet you make it that harry is the one thats says im sorry first what bull fucking shit. good story really your the best
2/3 c102 10MorningSage
Hey! I just finished this story and I really enjoyed it. It had a lot of original ideas and I felt like Harry really grew and earned the power he got. A lot of good stuff here! I really enjoyed it.
2/2 c30 Alice Scarlett Knabel
1/29 c68 Mikeblade
no idea why umbridge thinks harry can't be a unspeakable because unless you changed it the ministry has no say in anything the unspeakable's or there department does
1/29 c67 Mikeblade
of course naming it dumbledores army was going to bite them in the ass.
1/29 c61 Mikeblade
never understood why they never just stopped harry's heart or drown him then revive him after the damn thing was gone.
1/29 c59 Mikeblade
wait granger siad the ministry was worried that dumbles may be trying to take over the ministry and yet they still name the damn group dumbledores army i thought granger was supposed to be smart
1/29 c52 Mikeblade
most people don't like Hawaiian pizza but i find if you add japenos or bananna peppers some shrimp or some ground beef or both to it tastes good
1/29 c30 Mikeblade
am i missing something the trace is on harry wand and his dumb ass casts a killing curse.
a unforgivable witch is a 100% automatic trip to demontor ville no excuses
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