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for Power, Freedom and a French Flower

3/25/2023 c46 Guest
Only fok fok fok...i like it...
3/24/2023 c72 24spitfyre1
I so agree bro! Molly never shouldve been on par with Bellatrix. I'm happy someone else finally agrees with me
3/23/2023 c102 Alice Scarlett Knabel
I'm not sure about your other fics but I favorited you as an author as I think you did as good a job as JK did
3/23/2023 c97 Alice Scarlett Knabel
beautiful set up and choice LOVE it 100%
3/23/2023 c75 Alice Scarlett Knabel
mugwump i think
3/22/2023 c54 Alice Scarlett Knabel
former girlfriend?
3/21/2023 c13 Alice Scarlett Knabel
1983? do you mean 1993?
3/21/2023 c102 johnapple
I love this story. Thank you so much
3/20/2023 c102 Soupman5
One of the best stories I've ever read!
3/17/2023 c9 Guest
sprout would be like "im not getting involved"
3/17/2023 c9 Guest
I like how in a lot of fics even though his cannon friends hate him he always have the weasley twins. maybe its because everyone like fred and george.
3/17/2023 c8 Guest
BTW it is the Knight bus not the night bus omg I feel like hermione...
3/17/2023 c8 Guest
maybe they cant see who performed the magic because he is with the flamels and they are magicalm the the ministry dont know who is the one doing magic
3/17/2023 c19 15Saissa
Does Dumbles not realise exactly how CONTRADICTORY those last 2 lines are?

Black told Voldie where your parents were hiding and betrayed them.
Black is also your godfather and legal guardian.

Anyone with knowledge in the wizarding world should know that a godfather cannot allow harm to come to their godchild.

Clearly Dumbles does not know this. I wonder why?
3/6/2023 c102 Phazex
Incredible read; Lemme know if you ever have any interest in publishing.
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