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2/7/2023 c8 1Thoughtful Bean
The term "mind palace" is really a misnomer. Since humans evolved in an age where knowing where things were located spatially (sources of water, hunting areas, crop areas, etc) and having to memorize how things looked (poisonous plants vs edible plants, how different animals looked when they were going to attack vs run, etc), the human brain has evolved to store information spatially and visually (versus trying to memorize words on a page via rote memorization). So if you use a spatial location you're familiar with (e.g. your house), you can store visual representations of things you need to remember in different areas of a place you already know quite well due to familiarity. You don't actually "create a mind palace" as such, and you definitely don't try and just increase it's size (usually it's much easier to use different locations you're familiar with, for Harry Potter it'd be different locations at Hogwarts, where he grew up, different shops around Diagon Alley etc.). Hopefully if you use this memorization technique in the future you can use it more accurately!
2/2/2023 c4 Careena1
Trust you? Why should je trust you when you're thé reason when he was abused and abandoned? It would be good if hé doesn't wasn't to Lille you like Voldemort.
1/25/2023 c101 1Greenegonenuts
I...Just...Dunno. I fricking love this story
1/25/2023 c102 TheMostPeculiarSerb1995
This story of yours is simply amazing! Lately, I have been under the impression that good fanfics are dying... But then I encountered this story. It has truly been a pleasure!
1/22/2023 c1 Photoboy77
Really great story. Thanks so much!
1/21/2023 c102 TrickyTwist
Simply magnificent. Thank you for sharing your work, it’s been an absolute pleasure to delve into.
1/17/2023 c102 Leefa
Wow! This is an amazing read. I know this will not be my last time reading it. I've never come across this idea for the story.
1/10/2023 c1 Arktek
Just finished the story have to say it’s great great job can’t wait to read more from you
1/8/2023 c102 OfficialAce
Just finished this story, and I have to say, that it's probably one of the best I've ever read. Loved it, all the way to the end. Great job.

Happy New Year for 2023 and may the Lord bless you.
1/4/2023 c101 10Fabianadat
1/1/2023 c72 ImMoku
Is this some sort of Role Switch? instead of Sirius it's Bellatrix who fall to the Veil LOL
1/1/2023 c71 ImMoku
Finally umbitch is gone..
12/31/2022 c52 ImMoku
Plot twist Hermione want revenge and become Dark Lady
12/30/2022 c14 ImMoku
Plot twist: after voldemort downfall the third darklord will rise and will take revenge on harry because his Humiliation Lord Lockhart on the action!
12/29/2022 c13 4Snorkackle
Lol a ritual to fix his eyes. Someone tell Harry muggles invented lasik surgery
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