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for Power, Freedom and a French Flower

12/31/2022 c52 ImMoku
Plot twist Hermione want revenge and become Dark Lady
12/30/2022 c14 ImMoku
Plot twist: after voldemort downfall the third darklord will rise and will take revenge on harry because his Humiliation Lord Lockhart on the action!
12/29/2022 c13 4Snorkackle
Lol a ritual to fix his eyes. Someone tell Harry muggles invented lasik surgery
12/29/2022 c61 Omnicient reader
you know what
Fuck you ,fuck your Fleur u piece of shit
12/27/2022 c19 Potterfan1976
Hi I was wondering if you could clear up something for me? In chapter 19 fleur’s father says Gabrielle is 12 but in chapter 24 fleur says she is 10 ? Or am I misunderstanding
12/24/2022 c102 Z3R
Simply the best harry potter serie if seen so far...
The growth in power is not ridiculus, he grow in power quickly for the battles to be awsome and not boring. The plot is just the best, its different but not to much. And the love story is just amazing, not boring and not cringe AND the story is FINIFSH! I cant remember the number of time a good serie just stop.
You have a talent for these, good job
12/13/2022 c51 Rtg3397
I've read the story 4 or 5 times now, I love it but there are many things that could be improved: getting to know your housemates better, even though we won't be close friends, developing other characters more would be very good, you put a very low point I don't like characters like Hermione, Molly etc. in an exaggerated and even annoying way and I would have liked more magic, there are hardly any transformations in combat or other spells and finally it would have been cool if other characters like the Tonks family, the Flamels would have appeared more often
12/10/2022 c33 Sir Deathwatch
the hollow symbol is triangle for cloak circle for stone and line for wand
12/4/2022 c8 bookivore
I’m not getting this Harry as a 11-12 year old at that age people are not interested in power as an abstract thing they might be interested in, say, having a family or a gang that can buy & bully things their way but this whole idea that a kid that age might read and practice whatever lessons he finds without using them to do anything- that’s a paper thin backstory to explain why Harry would know everything in a few years, not a believable story on how he would get from A to Z. Just write it as a daily schedule and you can see how wonky it is: day 1, put up with school, study my own stuff and do exercises. Day 2, same. Dot dot dot. Prisoners have less boring lives. This bit about how he has no interest in people or friends (sociopath) and yet appears perfectly ok and gets great grades and on the third hand neither the Hogwarts staff nor the Flamels notice that he has no hobbies friends or interests, it’s a strange mix of boring and scary.
12/1/2022 c3 Heir0fSlyth3rin
I'm only 3 chapter in, and I swear, the amount of times I've seen 'anger surged through harry' already is unbelievable
11/28/2022 c101 Chepchep
This story IS totaly crazy ! Thanks you very much et good Luck for thé next story.
11/28/2022 c101 Wolvie26
Love it!
11/27/2022 c33 haha.plogue
LORD of SIMP. hahahaha. I understand harry being the better man but really no anger a little and with this FLUER is the child but instead treated as if she is the victim of betrayed. hahahah. I thought their friendship was something, how low must it mean to fluer. hahaha.
11/26/2022 c7 sakura is a bitch
There is nothing here no conflict no great show of harry gaining power just everything falling in his lap
11/23/2022 c102 Spc3p3n
This was an amazing read. At first I thought Harry was a little to dark, but she managed to tame him in the end. I would say more but no spoilers from me!
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