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for Power, Freedom and a French Flower

11/1/2022 c102 Kushka
Great story
11/1/2022 c101 Guest
Fantastic story and definitely one of my favorites. No excessive bashing and just a flat out great fic. Greta job author. I truly hope that one day you create your own world!
10/31/2022 c36 Guest
After the hardcore anger streaks that happened in the beginning(not so much anymore). This story really started to progress to something great. This is definitely one of the better written fanfics. Regardless if I start to hate the story later or don’t finish it for some reason… bravo on this story.
11/2/2022 c64 ProditorMagnus
Oh students can pay minimal fee to discuss anything.
11/2/2022 c82 4Loveandpower
I don't understand. this doesn't really go with Harry personality you have made. He would of gone to the 3 brooms and felt for magic residue etc.
11/1/2022 c78 Loveandpower
wait you said Dumbles shook with his uninjured hand? he hasn't gone to the gaunts yet
11/1/2022 c72 Loveandpower
I can see the rational logic about Molly. Do remember though she was a prewitt and they claim the twins were amazing .
10/29/2022 c45 Loveandpower
why didn't he call herpo though?
10/29/2022 c12 ProditorMagnus
I would rank Susan Daphne Blaise Terry based on what I expect from their contribution to the story.
10/29/2022 c39 Loveandpower
why didn't he request a duel with karkoeroff krum didn't just get the idea
10/28/2022 c26 Loveandpower
what happens when an Auror stuns you but then another death eater kills the auror
10/28/2022 c23 Loveandpower
he said Mr. bones instead of Mrs bones fyi
10/28/2022 c22 Loveandpower
you know even in canon I never understood the supercharged stag patroni. the books talk about magical exhaustion and harry being out for a week but he is exhausted in 3rd year in canon for like an hour lol
10/28/2022 c21 Loveandpower
why haven't you mentioned Anglo runic materials? while the Scandinavians may had been the root language for it to an extent it us still different inherently and also literally

an example the rune for sun in Anglo means entirely different perspectives versus their brother counterparts who were more of a nomadic style who believed in nature vs survivalist
10/28/2022 c19 Loveandpower
smuggle prime minister not premier

and capable not cable
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