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10/24/2021 c12 meeeeeeeeeeep
i vote for blaise
10/23/2021 c12 1OverLordRevan
I vote for luna lol
10/23/2021 c12 Clive54
A very slytherin Harry indeed! Very enjoyable story and looking forward to reading more.
10/23/2021 c12 30Sparky She-Demon
Will Ron and Neville apologize to Harry now?
10/23/2021 c12 guadamontiel18
Me encanta que harry sea tan astuto! Ya quiero leer los próximos capítulos. Suerteee
10/23/2021 c12 28Kairan1979
So Harry got the Map before the Third year, and successfully blackmailed Malfoy.
P.S. Why didn't he offer Madame Bones to show her the Chamber of Secrets? Surely the corpse of the Basilisk will give the credibility to his story.
10/23/2021 c12 3Ordinarily Prudent
Susan Bones makes the most sense. She has an aunt who is high up in the ministry.
10/23/2021 c12 IamaSWITCHbot
10/23/2021 c1 1SiriusOrionBitch
Fantastic stuff, get Fudge in the bin! Great chapter thank you! Take care,

10/23/2021 c1 7ShadowKing042
I think Blaise. The rumors about his mother can make him a fun character.
10/23/2021 c5 Smutley Do-Wrong
You might consider in future Snape portrayals, less OTP whiney simplistic immature brat-like reacting ... complaining lashing out; more conniving (Slytherin/cunning) manipulative...deceitful. ... plotting . ... persona.
10/23/2021 c3 Smutley Do-Wrong
over the last couple of years the "Trace" as the book called it must be connected to the wand and not the wizard itself.

Yes, in the tidal wave "on the wand Trace" trope in fanon/fanfiction, but not in canon.
For further info, see not Lockhart's books, but Trace lampoon via web search "Barrufio, trace".
Hits lot of canon presentation, though think omits the major Trace loophole presented by Dumbles near beginning of book 6.

This 101th fic I've seen with the Trace on wand trope, does give me another Trace tweak trope idea from the common wandless Harry not getting notices from Hopkirk offices. Trope that Trace is most "attuned" to standard age appropriate spells.
Therefore casting "wish/intent" (thought/determination/willpower) with wand, similarly to usual wandless magic, isn't much of a blip on Trace "radar". 46k, 11 chaps;
guess bit late for you to use free gift above Trace tweak, for Harry getting some wanded practice. Although renting a room(before Sept 1st) in Leaky cauldron allows unTraceable(indistinct decoupling of WHO cast spell) wand casting practice.
10/22/2021 c11 1Elder Sibling
Well, is there any chance you make Harry got himself a best friend or at least sidekick from his own House? One who will stick to him regardless the situation. Perhaps like Luna Lovegood or whoever Ravenclaw in your mind.
I hope you dont focus on Harry the duelist too much, as fighting Death eaters wont be rules and regulations like duels...

Thank you for the constant update!
Just remember that no great man achieve his ultimate goal alone, not even Tom Riddle or Chancellor Palpatine, lel.
10/22/2021 c11 1OverLordRevan
I actually really like dumbledor in this.
10/22/2021 c1 1SiriusOrionBitch
Harry's cutting remarks are fantastic I must say. Great stuff thank you! Take care,

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