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10/24 c99 A. Swan
Help I can't read ch. 100! I click on it and it comes up blank!? Everything after comes up but the big Hogwarts battle is blank! I can't read on if the climax ch. Is missing. Other than a few errors here and there its a great story!
10/14 c102 5Perfect Chaotic Life
This was a beautiful story to read.
10/12 c33 KanameZeroYuki
I'm glad Fleur got her head out of her ass, finally. Honestly though he shouldn't have forgiven it so easily. She so little faith in him that she didn't even give him a chance to explain in the first place, and even did what she could to hurt him.
10/4 c7 lukejmontier1
I believe Harry is a bit too trusting with rhe flamels for someone like him and that his letter couldve been worded differently. It sounded like blatant half heartedly concealed blackmail. Even if the flemels had other philofeser stones they still wouldnt have wanted one to fall into the wrong hands, it wouldnt even matter if they had a vault fill. A artefact like that could destabilise the entier economy not to mention be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands.
10/4 c7 lukejmontier1
The first book in less then 10 chapters… im not exactly complaining but id prefer a bit more detail, like the more mindain things like harry thanking professor flitwik and hagrid for his presents and some bondjng between him and his other classmates/housemates.
10/4 c3 lukejmontier1
Bot gonna lie the writing is not as good as i remember. Im rerrading this from a long time ago. You shouod probably come back and rewrite some parts.
9/30 c102 1Darknessdawns
This was an absolute masterpiece. I loved it from beginning to end and have to say it's one of the best works I have ever enjoyed. One of the things that made this piece so spectacular was how original it was while staying true to much of the canon storyline. Many events and even quotes from the books were displayed right next to unique plot twists and this Harry's reactions to things.

This was also one of my favorite versions of Harry and Fleur I have ever come across. He was one step away from being a Dark Lord, but really didn't have the motivation to go that direction. He was also unapologetically ruthless against his enemies, intelligent, cunning, and occasionally very sweet and protective. She was everything the books and movies hinted at but so much better. The way the two first clashed then meshed was brilliantly done.

Honestly I'm sad to see that the journey is over. You did an excellent job wrapping everything up, giving nods to all the major conon events, and even a wonderful view into their future. The fact that you wrote this with English not being your primary language shows great skill. From what I could see there were several typos throughout the work, but all were easy to figure out and nothing a good edit wouldn't straighten out. I left several reviews as I read and mentioned the big ones I noticed. Anyway I'm sure by now you know I found this story absolutely brilliant and exceedingly enjoyable. You used plot twists I hadn't seen before or even used a few in new and unique ways. I've read thousands of stories for this fandom over the years so it's always a treat to find something new. You also have great talent as a writer and I can't wait to read more of your works.
9/27 c52 Darknessdawns
Wasn't Harry's Gringotts manager Ragnok? it says Raknok in this chapter.
9/26 c35 Darknessdawns
I found another error during Fleur and Harry's. conversation after the first task. I. the conversation he says that they "have a lot of time until November now to prepare for the second task". I'm sure February was meant but I can't remember if it was announced with the chaos of Harry's Dragon slaying and point distribution.
9/26 c27 Darknessdawns
I absolutely loved this chapter. Harry has grown so much in the last few and it was wonderful seeing him act maturely during the duels. The whole thing with Fleur was rather sad though. I'm really looking forward to when they reconnect and realize their feelings. Hopefully it's soon.
9/26 c19 Darknessdawns
I am honestly surprised by how Harry conducted himself during the under-14 duels and the one against Fleur. I can't quite understand the purpose of the unnecessary rudeness. The brutal nature of his dueling I quite liked and even agreed with since he is rather dark. However the unnecessary rudeness will just cause him problems in the future. I can understand being unfriendly but his actions have most likely gained him enemies. He isn't like that at Hogwarts so it seems rather unusual for him to be like this now. I can understand him wanting to get a rise out of Fleur though. I'm hopeful that things will work out. I just don't see how yet. I thought he had learned all the proper protocol and stuff. Why go against some of it?
9/26 c17 Darknessdawns
I have to comment on the companies that Gringotts invested in for Harry. Since this is taking place in the 90's, and specifically the summer of 93 in this chapter, Apple wasn't yet making smartphones. Hell cellphones were few and far between back then. I believe they were still just another computer company at that point but I would have to actually do some research to be sure. Was eBay even a thing in 93? Anyway, rather than worrying about what companies were doing what or existing at that point it would have just been simpler to say that they had invested in several computer companies.

At any rate, I'm really enjoying this story and look forward to reading more. From what I've noticed it could use an editing to catch the typos I've come across. However other than a few minor ones, and things I just feel the need to nitpick about, there hasn't seemed to be anything major. For a first fiction you've done an excellent job and I'm enjoying the story and your writing style. The way you've written the use of the rituals reminds me of another story I enjoyed, Harry Potter and the International Triwizard Tournament by Saliient91. If you haven't read it yet you really should.
9/26 c12 Darknessdawns
I noticed another error in this chapter. Harry has already met Madam Bones. He ran into her and Susan in the wand shop on his birthday before first year.
9/26 c9 Darknessdawns
Target praxis? You mean 'target practice' right?
9/26 c8 Darknessdawns
Ok I have definitely come across an error. During the dueling championship it was announced as 1982 rather than 1992.
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