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9/26 c2 1Darknessdawns
Again I was left curious about things. Why didn't the Department of Education workers remove Harry from the Dursley's? With the amount of long term abuse present it didn't really make sense. Didn't they have the police check his living situation? No one would leave a child to sleep in a cupboard. I think this might need a bit more explanation since it just looks like they left Harry to the abuse. Maybe it's due to a ward or something? Magical interference?

Anyway, just ignore my nitpicking. I'm curious to see where this goes.
9/26 c1 Darknessdawns
Department of Education? I would have never believed that was the name of the department that looked over child welfare if I hadn't done a Google search.
9/24 c29 19DRAGONDAVE45
You, and Harry, seem to have forgotten about the snake in the pet shop.
9/13 c19 12stealacandy
I think you may have meant "brutally subduing", not "submitting".

Also, the spell is "Sonorus", not "soronus".
9/13 c17 stealacandy
It's Herpo the Foul, not the Fool...
9/12 c43 stealacandy
McGonaggal didn't belittle Harry. She may have chastise, castigate or berate him. But no belittling was involved.
9/12 c28 stealacandy
It's "return", not "retain".
9/12 c100 stealacandy
That's "intruding", not "introducing".
9/12 c99 stealacandy
That's "critics", not "criticizers".

Also, Harry's wand wasn't submitted by a stronger wand.
Possibly it _has_ submitted _to_ another wand.
Or it was - or has been - subjugated - by that other wand.
Or subjected. Or subordinated. Or supplanted. Or surpassed.
Or suborned. Or had its allegiance subverted.
Or it had been trounced, overcome and undone.
9/11 c80 stealacandy
It's "exception", not "expectation".
9/11 c79 stealacandy
It's "overlook", not "oversee".
9/9 c102 Tomon
Amazing story, really liked how the Fleur stayed relevant and true partner through the whole story and how every developed.

Truly a captivating tale through and through and I'm very thankful for the opportunity to read it.
9/7 c101 52EdTheBeast
An excellent story. A must read that has only a love from Harry to his French Flower. Do not think that anyone would say this is a bad story. Enough romance, adventure, and politics. Would like to know though if the Minister died or not, as he was not mentioned near the end.
9/5 c53 EdTheBeast
Mistake here. If you are using that death, then they should have seen them when leaving last year, not arriving this year.
8/31 c93 santos.luis.contato
dude... You let them bite Sirius? now what? He will turn into a werewolf? or there is some plot that will let hom merge his animagus form with the werewolf?
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