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8/31/2023 c93 santos.luis.contato
dude... You let them bite Sirius? now what? He will turn into a werewolf? or there is some plot that will let hom merge his animagus form with the werewolf?
8/29/2023 c78 santos.luis.contato
uninjured hand? when did Dumbledore injured his hand? in Canon, this time he already got the ring and the curse, but here, that's not the case...
8/27/2023 c49 santos.luis.contato
dude... Harry dont have the tracking spell of underage use of magic anymore... How the hell would they know he used magic there? this is your weak plot here author...
8/27/2023 c41 santos.luis.contato
Really? after all this, he let pride, glory overwrite his caution?
8/27/2023 c41 santos.luis.contato
I dont get why made all of them disappear at the same time ... what id the caster throw another killing curse? he will have to cast the dragonfly again...
8/25/2023 c29 santos.luis.contato
what about the snake in pet shop? when would he buy her already?
8/25/2023 c24 santos.luis.contato
I dont really think the timeline is right... all of Sirius action, occur in only a month? only in September of 1993?
and talking about the duel... The whole championship was oversee by Frenchs? No one thought that maybe, they will be baised about their own champs? and why Harry keeps talking about his spells against Fleur (that was only water) and no one is taking action about her firing a dangerous fire spell that could have killed him? this is completely bulshit...
8/25/2023 c20 santos.luis.contato
I still dont get why he was disqualified if it was her that shot him the foreball after he won the duel by summoning her wand... this is so bulshit...
8/24/2023 c9 santos.luis.contato
it was clearly stated that he was under the cloak... And then: Poof, he isnt anymore, just to make everyone see him there... Plot...
8/24/2023 c101 jurmaev
Loved this story!
8/15/2023 c22 5TheFlowerOfTheCourt
You had Harry “train” by emptying out his “magical core” repeatedly, yet he blacks out from one spell even though he never blacked out before from running out of magic?
8/10/2023 c28 rageouss
if there's anything I get from this is.. please can some of these idiots get a gun or something? I know it's dumb mentioning it in HP fics but cmon man

'Harry managed to roll out of the way of another killing curse, but there was no way he could dodge the dark purple cutting curse being sent his way by the tallest of his opponents.'

imagine if harry had a glock with runes and enchantments on it, the dude could walk up to voldemort and smoke his ass.
7/31/2023 c102 major wallace
Nice work
7/28/2023 c5 Theif Lupin
You keep on switching between Apartment and Compartment how is this possible?
7/27/2023 c4 Retarded
lol half the population believes in blood purity but he couldn't find anything to support it? They're just all collectively stupid and deluded? How dumb and dull, wish one writer wouldn't be such a moron and write yet another tired story about the same completely impossible bullshit.
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