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for Power, Freedom and a French Flower

6/22/2023 c101 BillBrink
Well written and such an adventure to read. Thank you so much for sharing it.
6/21/2023 c5 TheStrangeNessie
Im all for Snape being an ass. But this Snape is just ridiculous. What Snape does and how he acts just makes this fanfic seem childish and unrealistic. Its completely unneeded.
6/18/2023 c25 The Sussy Baka
I think I’m gonna take a break from reading this and try to get invested at a later date. While I applaud your writing style, especially since this is your second language, my main issue is Harry. He just is so different from canon and I cannot relate to him at all. I don’t mind that he’s more powerful it’s just his way of speaking is so formal and he’s acting like some refined gentleman at 13. It’s just not the Harry Potter I wanted to see in a romantic relationship with Fleur. A lot of fanfics do this, so don’t feel like I’m targeting you and please don’t mistake my displeasure as hate.

I still think this is a great fic and I will return to it sooner rather than later.
6/18/2023 c23 The Sussy Baka
I understand Sirius is a womanizer, but I really, really hope Harry does Not follow in his footsteps.
6/18/2023 c24 3The Sussy Baka
Harry speaks way too formally for someone his age. But I am happy him and Fleur are mending their relationship.
6/18/2023 c22 The Sussy Baka
I like how things are speeding along. I hope Peter doesn’t escape though
6/18/2023 c21 The Sussy Baka
I hope the pace slows down when we get to 4th year.
6/17/2023 c19 The Sussy Baka
This Harry is pretty rude tbh
6/17/2023 c17 The Sussy Baka
I know it seems like I’m always complaining but I am enjoying this work a lot. It’s just the mention of real world brands kinda takes me out of the story and Harry is a little too smart for his age, especially to be investing in all the right start-ups.
6/17/2023 c16 The Sussy Baka
Your way of storytelling is simply captivating
6/16/2023 c102 2Tmbookworm
This was fantastic I loved it
6/16/2023 c15 The Sussy Baka
A good chapter.
6/16/2023 c14 The Sussy Baka
Dumbledore threatening Harry is a little uncharacteristic of him
6/16/2023 c8 MagicaITrevor
Odd... He was 5 feet and one inch in Chapter 4. He shrunk? D:
(I've learned myself to keep a document for when who is what height for this very reason.)
All snark aside, it's been enjoyable so far. I look forward to catching up!
6/15/2023 c13 The Sussy Baka
Uhm, not sure how I feel about the striking similarities to A Cadmean Victory. With the portrait of Salazar to the rituals and the hourglass time turner. I was hoping this story would differ more from that one, especially considering where that story ended up going.
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