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for Hunt, Kurama Mk2

1/10 c6 IsakDemn
the blood option
11/8/2023 c1 1bibink729
10/20/2023 c6 SlyFox9
Ok so I’m going to be honest this is somewhat decent.
Please capitalize the first letter of the characters names.
The way you have Naruto hug his dark self is pretty weird. I understand this some way for Naruto have strength and resolve to beat Kurama and achieve Bankai. But wouldn’t it be better if Naruto fist bump or shake hands with his dark self instead?
As for Naruto’s Bankai be like Ilpyo Parks Transformation, but I can’t help but want him holding a weapon than just being a hand-to-hand fighter.
Also I can’t help but to feel that there should be a different side to Naruto’s Zanpakuto than just being bloodthirsty. I think it should should have some kind divine/protective side?
Please keep this story going and keep improving with your writing.
10/19/2023 c5 SlyFox9
The spar between Naruto and Sui-Feng was amazing.
I’m curious to see what’s this new squad will be like. Will there be other Naruto characters appearing in the story?
10/18/2023 c4 SlyFox9
It’s good to see that Naruto is getting along with the other vice captains.
Honestly I don’t really like Suì-Fēng all that much.
10/18/2023 c3 SlyFox9
Damn. Naruto’s zanpakuto’s shikai seem as powerful as a Bankai. I’m looking forward to see what his bankai will be like.
Aww I’m kinda disappointed that Unohana won’t be paired with Naruto.
10/18/2023 c2 SlyFox9
Holy shit was badass. Now I’m a bit afraid of Naruto when he gets bloodthirsty.
10/18/2023 c1 SlyFox9
Not a bad start. It’s very well written, just a few spelling errors but nothing too major.
I wasn’t expecting Naruto a combatant type shinigami to join squad 4. Naruto holding back and keeping his zanpakuto sealed has me curious of his true capabilities.
So keep it up
9/30/2023 c6 kentaro7
personally I'd prefer the ilpyo park transformation
9/30/2023 c6 kentaro7
personally I'd prefer the ilpyo park transformation
9/16/2023 c6 2BadReader
All three sound boring. You can do anything with Bankai, expand your mind.
8/22/2023 c6 WillShadow
excelente capitulo por favor continúe con la historia
8/13/2023 c6 5draugeltheshadowhero
I cannot decide between the three, so maybe a compromise, predominately a hand to hand look with a bracer mounted Cross-Bow that fires ethereal fox-like creatures?
8/4/2023 c2 Calebros
"Naruto would wake up unconscious"
How would that be possible?
Why is Naruto referring to his captain as an "it"? That is if it was her and not someone else.
Also is this a "crossover" with you just using 2 random names or will actually be a real one?
8/2/2023 c6 Mr guest
Have all three of the suggestions be used but turn them into modes

First mode is archery
Second is hand to hand
Last is the The Wild Hunt (blood based techniques (for blood based techniques he could draw inspiration from other abilities of soul reapers) and the foxes

Ultimate defense could be like raikages lightning armor but in blood form (blood based technique)
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