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for The Shadow of Doubt (10th Anniversary Edition)

10/28/2021 c9 Scarlet ripper
Jollos wing is clenching tighter around Blu's neck. Hope Blu can figure out that jollo intends to betray him
10/28/2021 c8 Scarlet ripper
I'm going to quote mlp here.

Spike: Dude, that's creepy
10/28/2021 c7 Scarlet ripper
I can see what you're going for, but not a fan of the sur face pun. Still i like that the obstacle is a river, considering Blu can not fly. It is those small details that make your story so epic
10/28/2021 c6 Scarlet ripper
Rose is becoming quite the little character. I love it.
10/28/2021 c5 Scarlet ripper
10/28/2021 c4 Scarlet ripper
Can't believe Jollo kissed Jewel! Jollo go sit in a corner. No one likes you
10/28/2021 c3 Scarlet ripper
Well, let's hope Blu and Jewel can get back together
10/28/2021 c2 Scarlet ripper
Jollos accent is hilarious
10/28/2021 c1 Scarlet ripper
Its understandable that Jewel would suffer ptsd from that event.

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