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for Team Seven's Training

11/16/2021 c1 1mariclerson
Seems like an interesting plot so far it was just a repeat of cannon, hope to see more of this story and how the plot progresses!
10/15/2021 c1 Mr guest
Rename your first chapter since the chapter itself does not even talk about chakra sensitivity. It’s misleading and has no information pertaining to the chapter subject.
10/15/2021 c1 Mrsirgentlman
I liked it so far, it's hard to find team 7 fanfiction that are good
10/15/2021 c1 BlueLeader
Okay, review #2: You could improve by not regurgitating so much canon. It's great to see some new material not a repetition of the old.
10/14/2021 c1 Konan0Warflower
Since you don't wish to refresh yourself by watching the show, you could just read the manga. It's similar enough.

Advice? I assume you only wrote out this encounter because you wanted to highlight Naruto pocketing that scroll? You could have made a scene that says that he had taken it from the scroll, and maybe he had mixed feelings about the accidental theft? Or something along those lines

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