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9/21 c25 Jar-jr
Oh no! It’s the FBI (Fey Bureau of Investigation)
9/18 c69 PheonixFired
Amazing story, please make more parts when you can.
9/16 c69 badboyelsanto
I caught up *sad monke noises*
9/16 c69 badboyelsanto
Fuck how disappointing, i really needed that serafall smut
9/16 c67 badboyelsanto
Wait, if the MC is now a demi god, doesn’t that make Virgo the strongest after MC?
9/16 c67 badboyelsanto
Why would he give a sacred gear capable of creating races to ravel?
9/16 c62 badboyelsanto
Lol Neo is pregnant
9/16 c61 badboyelsanto
Lol him having wrath as his primary sin despite inly showing greed lust and sloth is so cool lol
9/16 c69 JamWereWolf21
Almost an entire year has passed since the last update
9/16 c60 badboyelsanto
Lol yknow he is JUST LIKE SERAFALL, they both have the same personality and it’s really cute when they tease each other
9/16 c55 badboyelsanto
9/16 c55 badboyelsanto
Lol i never thought Neo would change to a ball of cuteness
9/16 c54 badboyelsanto
If calamitas family is drsgin king level, how were the orcs able to kill them? Are they higher thsn dragon king level?
9/15 c48 badboyelsanto
I like how the mc somehow introduces a nee maid and says “she’s not important” BRO SHES A HIGH TIER SUMMON AND AT LEAST ULTIMATE CLASS LOLLLL
9/15 c47 badboyelsanto
Bro why is he only taking 6 girls to visit when he should be taking the whole peerage. What about artoria? Tyra(or perharps not) virgo?
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