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4m c35 4Kamui Raiu
You mentioned Pokemon. get ready for a LOT of Cynthia recommendations.

In all honesty, the only candidates for Gaius' peerage from RWBY that I can think of are either Cinder or Raven for their maiden powers, with the latter more likely.

One Piece though? I'm not sure if Gaius can convince someone from that world to join his peerage.
4m c35 1Kulha
Since you're so insistent on the whole dimension travel thing, One Piece was obviously the superior choice in every way. You even had to change the people in RWBY to have them accept harems just to make it fit your purposes.
11m c35 1ReapersNineEyes
As someone that has spent literal years reading both Flames and DWS stuff I for one welcome Flames spiral into "THE LEWD SIDE"
23m c35 iKuroto
Thanks for the chapter!
So he can go to RWBY world now!
Man, you should take Salem to his peerage… She is Powerful and all, and maybe you can use the devil piece as a way to make her less evil? I don’t remember if she is just evil or became like this because of the dark god.
27m c35 TakoEatemployee
Toriko easy? Just knocking master Jiro is probably strong enough to kill Sirzechs and you consider that world easy?
29m c35 Rotten Sarcophagus
yeah baby that's what im talking about!
33m c35 Lifelessman
Good Work...! 35
46m c35 RotcehM
Good work brother
52m c35 Yee Haw Im From The South
Good chapter. Pretty funny ending. Have a good one.
52m c35 PasiveNox
yah great wonderful chapter nice nice
53m c35 Jxgod
Yeh ngl I was interested in this at the beginning, but from the looks of it it all but devolved into a lust/power fantasy. Time for me to drop this fic.
14h c34 MrX
Ryo-Ohki as familiar for Gaius?
1/25 c34 Guest
1/25 c34 Guest
Really enjoyed this chapter can’t wait for more I really like Gaius and Serafell together and I’m surprised with how weak in comparison Gaius is ( well to be fair she’s a satan) but I thought he’d have more direct strength than what he did but then again it was always set up for him to be a summoner. Anyway enjoyed this chapter can’t wait for more.
1/25 c34 MrX
Could gaius buy an inactive SG from a person who does not know the supernatural for 1 million Lillums, 10 million Lillums for someone who knows SG but has not yet activated it, and up to 300 million Lillums for a Longinus?
I re-read the story, Lefay and Meredith took a while to transform but why did Virgo get wings instantly?
gaius has a lot of information leaks that are currently being covered by Ajuka and Serafall; between with hackers, divination, spies, etc he would need someone dedicated to counter-espionage; when Meredith grows up she may partially fill that role.
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