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7/12 c69 9Calikarcha
love this fuckin story just reread it over two days. chap 70 one day
7/11 c69 VoidDivinity
This story is one of my favorites. I'm looking forward to continuing.
7/7 c1 2captainjack41
Flame-kun i miss this story please come back
7/6 c69 Suchaskiver
hey op. is this dead in the water? please come back
7/5 c69 Mewizar
3 months... I believe it took slightly more than 3 months
6/21 c6 danj0929
i know the queen piece has almot certainly been decided at the point that story is currently at but i hope kuroka ends up his queen piece or if not queen as a bishop as her magic is as impressive if not more so than her physical abilities
6/17 c69 Crywolf178
I hope to see how heaven plans to have him hep with that last request one day!
6/17 c66 Crywolf178
I do hope to one day see more of this story, I think it might be one of the best ones I have ever found in the DXD community
6/10 c19 diazxb
Saying Riser is weak is simply ot canon issei only beat him because of the holy water trick. You can see him fighting issei with the scale mail later and they are pretty much equal. So he should be at the top of the top of the high class if he takes it seriously, and thats him without training
6/9 c69 aguastar
This is the 8 time i read this history
I hope that you continue the history
6/1 c69 1TheHammer38
why did u abondon this my friend
5/9 c12 Guest
I didn't like the MC's damaged goods comment. he's talking like an incel.
4/28 c69 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Excellent story so far. Hope to see more soon! Until then!
4/13 c68 Guest
He should be able to link up to more evil pieces possibly to double his set and swap out.
4/12 c46 Guest
Ravels mom basically doesn't exist.
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