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13h c63 shadowxk
Just found this story and to my surprise i took the day to read it all its a very good story
6/30 c63 NightmareWizard
The system and how much improvement you have shown in your writing techniques is quite impressive.
6/30 c37 asdf
telling off leviathan for getting ahead of herself... it is so refreshing not having a spinelesss MC, not arrogant to take on and command people he is weaker than, but when he is in the advantage he uses it unapologetically. Most refreshing thing I've probably ever read, or up there so far I can't think of anything better SI wise.
7/1 c63 DragonNOOB
I finished reading your borderlands story and decided to try out this story. Honestly this story is just as good as your other one if not better. You do an amazing job of taking an established universe and just throwing the cannon story out the window and creating something much better than the original cannon story. A grand majority of fan fiction authors tend to follow cannon on some level but you just nearly ignore it entirely which is a rather rare skill.

Keep up the amazing work and I cannot wait to read the next update (whenever you are able to publish it as no rush.)
6/30 c48 NastySquire
Author. You use "half-lidded stare" far too often. This is my only real critique.
6/30 c42 NastySquire
Why go through all that effort for Neo who doesn't really bring that much to the table? I feel the author's/MCs love of lolis is clouding his judgment on who to bring into his peerage.
6/30 c63 1SneakyDevil
From first chapter to now you have really shown massive improvement.
6/29 c63 Alosborne1
I can only ask for more plz
6/29 c25 NastySquire
LOL of course the sword became a loli
6/29 c10 NastySquire
Why be engaged to Ravel? So disappointing, if the MC didn't have a better version of their family bloodline then fine but why add this into the story when there are so many better choices?
6/27 c63 sol.leksthewolf2021
I’m loving this! Got to the last chapter after reading for three days, and can’t wait for more! Also, Gaius is absolutely goddamn hilarious. Can’t wait for him to eventually kick the crap out of a certain white-haired, bearded Super-Devil.
6/27 c63 Hadrian.Caeser
6/26 c63 1Ricee
can't wait for more of this! kinda left us on a clif hanger lol
6/26 c50 Zhelander
About the end of this chaoter. Didn't the MC change the name/title of Sathanas to Decarabius or something like that?
6/26 c63 Freddielebron
8k favorites. Don’t you dare drop this for a new novel. The 12th highest favorited “gamer” novel. Don’t do that
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