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12/5 c69 Man
Bro please update the fic before a year passes by
12/6 c44 Skeledoor825
AC/DChighway to hell ,nice reverens
11/24 c1 baggy panda
please update
11/22 c69 Gilgamesh50
I hooe you return one day
This fic was becoming one of my favs
11/21 c41 10nexusplayer
11/21 c8 nexusplayer
Cowabunga it is.
11/16 c16 PikaMew1288
To be fair if he used Ddraig then he still would have gotten Artoria due to the part of her legend stating that she was implanted with the core of a RED Dragon by Merlin as a fetus. Actually he would have more likely Summoned the 'Mysterious Heroine X' Version of Artoria if he used Ddraig due to her actually BEING a Dragon. Given Albion's Counterpart is Vortigern then the only potential heroes that He could have summoned are Artoria Alter, Morgan le Fey who bear's Vortigern's Curse, Or Mordred who had Albion's Core implanted into them by Morgan.
11/12 c69 baggy panda
please upload more
11/11 c69 cobin.michael
It was a wild ride and I hope to see the end of this awesome story.
11/9 c69 Nahdontswim
Not 3 months, just 11... Ie this fic dead?
11/9 c69 5Grafian
I hope you will finish this story at some point! I love rereading it from time to time and it is so close to an endpoint :p
11/9 c42 TheCynicalCriticfromWtP
bro thinks he's the lich
11/9 c69 Stratre
ah man hope you continue this at some point
11/5 c69 GH0STS 27
Sooo I just read this entire thing on Webnovel and came here to see if there was more. So I gotta know, will you ever finish this book?
11/2 c69 crazedmadman05
Will this fanfic ever come back?
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