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5/13 c59 KamiGleen
I knew that she liked punishment... But THIS? I feel for Gaius for having a spirit like that.
5/13 c1 WeirdBlockPoints
Why did Gaius needed Serafall to erase Summer's memories?
Couldn't he just use programmed amnesia - "As you finish the complicated procedure necessary to cast the spell, your target's mind opens up to you like a book. You see the target's memories like stories and know that you can rewrite them as a master bard rewrites the inferior works of his apprentices.
You can selectively destroy, alter, or implant memories in the subject creature as you see fit. Casting the spell gives you access to all of the subject's thoughts and memories, allowing you to implement as many of the following specific effects as you like"

Or Mindr*pe - "The caster enters the mind of a creature, learning everything that creature knows.
The caster can erase or add memories as she sees fit and alter emotions, opinions, and even alignment. When the caster is done, she can leave the creature insane (as described in the insanity spell) or seemingly unaffected, without any memory of the intrusion."

I know these spells technically don't exist in pathfinder but they do in 3e/3.5 he could just make a "Pathfinder" version of these spells.
5/13 c48 JKingSniper
He should access an empty world and build an army all for himself in the future
5/13 c47 JKingSniper
Become greater than God mwahahha
Aw no Asia
Ignore this stupid law you're too powerful to care bout it
5/13 c59 Sechswar
The old bastards don't know how to write the word "DEATH"
5/13 c59 Sommerscave
Oh god that list now i am really interested in what MC is actually gonna do to Virgo. Atleast it will be fun to See...
5/13 c59 enmanuelbt92
wow, incredible. Love the history. Thanks for everything!
5/13 c46 JKingSniper
Ye fk the great king faction
Rias need to get outta her head ego
5/13 c59 AngryOmelette
5/13 c45 JKingSniper
I like Gabriel
I also hope MC keeps complete monopoly over Remnant since he controls the way to enter it
Old King faction shouldn't be allowed in to corrupt this world as well
5/13 c44 JKingSniper
Two brother god should also be put down
I never see it happen
5/13 c44 JKingSniper
Rias deserve to be smacked down
5/13 c59 strikerstriker315
I fell as tho a thresome with ruby and her mom or ruby and her sister is anevitable 4 Gauis.
Now when gauis shows he's a super devil and most his pearage can destroy entire factions I wander how smart the old devil faction will fell
5/13 c59 theawsomest5
Normally I’m not one to kink shame but Virgo is a fucking freak and the parts of the list that we were able to see made me laugh
5/13 c59 Koncor the great
You know the old satanic faction is kinda retarded... just saying 10th ranker is a big red flag and wean planing a attack you reserch you're enemies 10th ranker and lady of the lake are serious red flags if they just attack without doing any reserch they don't deserve death the deserve to be sent to a eternal pain dimension to never die and only be tortured for all eternity.
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