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2/2 c37 4Verdauga
Ooh, Murder! :3
2/2 c37 18SaintInfernalNeos
Always good to see a new update!

You know, for once I wanna defend Kiba here, if not for positive reasons...Yuuto is SO fixated with the sword because of the idiotic way his sudden revenge-thirst was written that he literally disregards things like wielders or origins in favor of focusing on the inanimate chunk of metal (Nevermind that later he literally doesn't even blink when literal descendants of Arthur show up before him, he REALLY overcame all that trauma amazingly well XP), so I don't think he would want to kill Vivian for making Excalibur...he didn't even hate the ones who actually HAD killed his friends until someone pointed out the man in charge was in town, after all XD

Remnant's introduction was as nice and simple as I expected, though it certainly made me think over quite a few things...like, the Brother Gods were, basically fucking God-of-the-Bible level if we talk of DxD standards, weren't they? Like, sure, there are some very broken Gods in DxD, but outside of the ones that can literally "blow up the world with sheer power", none of them could just go Thanos and snap all of humanity into dust just by willing it, or just leave to the other side of the Universe, that's something only like maybe Great Red would be able to do. Also, the 4 Relics are essentially Longinuses given what they can do, and what happens with Ozpin's soul is the fucking Sacred Gear system in a way XP Which made me think...sure, they could just throw someone like Sirzechs at Salem and problem solved, she can't come back to life if she's literally disintegrated into nonexistence, but is there a way to BREAK the Curse of the Gods instead using DxD method? Like, pretty sure the Grail can mess with souls in some insane ways, so could Valerie theoretically break hers and Ozpin's curses if Boosted enough? That would open a lot of interesting possibilities, honestly, because it basically turns Remanant's biggest threat into a non-factor without having to literally, you know, go and kill Salem with someone OP enough to not leave anything behind.

Finally...LOL, of course Neo was the first RWBY girl they encountered, no surprise there :P But if she's out and about like that, we must be like, almost in Canon or a couple years before then, I guess? Wonder how much has changed in this world compared to it...

Also, oh woah, I hadn't realized the DxD's plot had gone THAT further along already, honestly...though that's probably thanks to the big lack of involvement Rias and her gang have had with Gaius so far. Hoping that ends soon, this arc itself hopefully, it's kinda sad to not see the series' main girl and her Peerage getting their turns being added to the Harem when even Ravel and Sona already were XD

Once again, thanks for the update!
2/2 c37 6Creature of Grimm
2/2 c36 MrSunshine744
I enjoyed the chapter but the way Gaius spoke to Serafall when they spotted Neopolitan really threw me off, major wtf moment, for a character who holds as much affection and interest as Gaius does for Serafall it just seemed out of character, her reaction too. 'Know your fucking place' isn't something you would say to anyone you are interested in unless you're a scumbag that doesn't really care about them. Don't get me wrong I think the message was absolutely in character but the words used seemed off to me.

But hey, it's your fic, that's just my thoughts on that scene.

As I said though, I still enjoyed the chapter.
2/2 c37 deoxeyses
2/2 c37 1raxon1221
really hope you add Pyrrha to the peerage. kokabel arc gives Gaius a chance to collect most of Excalibur fragments
2/2 c37 HughJasz
I wasn't expecting another crossover like this but for some reason I don't hate it. I suppose it gives the MC to mess around with more than just DxD cannon where he's basically neutralized our out scaled a lot of the early threats for. I worry about our MC being wayyy too OP however.
2/2 c37 2TheCuriousGuest
Oh no... Giaus just unleashed Ajuka on Remnant. :D I'm pretty sure he's no longer going to be bored as easily with a new world to study.

Is it bad I half expected Ajuka to be carrying one of Shnee family, a hunter/huntress or even a grimm? :/ Guess robotic/AI and dust first.

Wonder how Ozpin/Salem would react to Ajuka messing with magic... I just picture him flicking it on and off like a kid as they go crazy trying to find him. :) I do want to see what he learns about Grimm though and Salem/Ozpin's curses.

Would Ajuka fixing magic suddenly make everyone able to learn magic or would they need time to change back from the mutated version/Aura?

So how long until Vivi takes back the shards from the Exorcists'? Can't wait to see her confront them when they try saying they belong to the church. I do want to see how she reacts to him combining multiple shards and whether it weakens their individual enchantments... I doubt it's perfect considering the Church needed captured Fay to make them.

Lol, poor Serafall not realising how bad an idea it'd be giving Sona Neo of all people... I could see Weiss possibly working out, but Neo?

Neo probably wouldn't be too hard to recruit, another world full of victims/ice-cream flavours and Gaius also has his garden to further bribe her.
2/2 c37 Dayside
Poor gai still hasn't gotten any. How very undevilish of him
2/2 c37 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
fun time's showing the 2 a new world
will be fun to see what invention he will sell from it
2/2 c37 SilverZ-TenoriO
He have balls of tell to tell Serafall to know her place, it's awkward but a little badass
2/2 c37 Badgerfrog
Now, take the shards from Kokabiel, if they complain, then just tell them you're married to the smith who made them, and that if they think they're entitled to them, they can just ask god to intervene.
2/2 c37 Karazik
Ugh please stop with the pokemon card collecting. And make something of this story instead of collecting gloryholes that get discarded instantly after acquiring them. They serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever, your mc has gone full native devil whore.
2/2 c37 AngryOmelette
2/2 c37 FateBurn
Good chapter
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