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7/20 c51 Guest
I was an idiot to complain back in chapter nine, it really changed the story in that chapter and now it's amazing.
7/20 c66 Guest
Make some legendary armor for yer girls dangit

Maybe a flame empress armor from fairy tail for Ravel or something

Or a wind empress to fan her flames

Would be hilarious if he gave tyra ethernano dragon slayer magic lol
7/20 c1 474
I have so much electrum because I used quite a few flaws... most of them were negated by my high stats and removed

That's so cheap
7/19 c66 Guest
Holy shit balls... you’re a FREAKIN’ GENIUS I say. Please keep writing this amazing story.
7/19 c9 Guest
This is even a story?
The MC sits on his butt and the system does everything for him, if it's not the system then it's the plot that always has to work out in favor of the MC, even Issei is more interesting.
I hate the alchemists in dxd, and with the system stores along with everything automated you might as well activate the console and kill Trihexa.
7/19 c65 Guest
Why did you add pregnancy into the fic? I feel like pregnancy is just an easy pothole for something to happen, it just feels so useless in fics. No hate because I'm still gonna read but why?
7/19 c66 Guest
Really enjoyed this especially Gaius’ conversation with the dryads was fun and him being honest about how beautiful them and their forests/ jungle are is nice to see. Him becoming a deity was amazing and can’t wait for more about that and how other gods react. Love that he is the god of deal making as well just a cool concept.
7/21 c66 Ked18
Nc, thanks for the chap. And our world already has superpowers. Energy is everywhere, and new applications for it are being found everyday. I bet it will only take 50 years give or take before science has developed to a point that people can utilize energy with minimal to no technological support in order to perform feats that we consider as magical today.
7/19 c66 Guest
Eyyy! Its the title of another fic, kinda!

Kinda thought he would go for domination tho

But deals are awesome too

Kinda hope he goes to fairy tail to get some sweet sweet God slaying and dragon slaying lacrima

Maybe make his own lacrima out of the magic of the girls of his harem

So he gets a harem Full of dragon and God slayer users

He could probably tweak it so their body and minds can still get the magic even tho their older
7/19 c65 Guest
Hope draig becomes the fun uncle and would still live with Gaius

He has kick ass food after all
7/18 c66 Guest
7/18 c66 Ace
It was a nice chapter and congratulations on turning 20 also true about how life is subpar.
7/20 c3 mhihabak
please can you explain how his system works and all those powers he gets it's so confusing I don't understand what he is doing most of the time
7/18 c66 Guest
I forgot, but when did he meet the dryads?
7/20 c66 RuneFather
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