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19h c62 HectorFenyx
Gracias por el cap
19h c62 2arawiguM
Sometimes it feels like you make the ends of your chapters like this on purpose. I feel like I’m being cockblocked
19h c62 ShadeBorn
Feels like the story has gotten to that dreaded stage where there's next to no plot progression due to the harem
I mean, apart from this Great King Faction subplot, it's just been harem harem and harem. With Neo getting pregnant the plot will be even slower, of not stopped completely
Anyway, it was nice while it lasted
Let's see what you make from here
Apart from that great story so far
19h c62 SirLaze
20h c62 Specterchilypepper
Meh i see plot concenience in this chapter why they don't deal with the great king factuon with everything that hapened in last chapter and the discovery of who is responsible for the sleeping deases they should have already dealt with them
20h c62 0vrLrd71
This was a nice intermission or whatever it's called chapter

also why do I think Neo is more worried about Gaius reaction than actually, possibly, being pregnant?
20h c62 LincolnRonnie94
Neo probably pregnant and Gaius better invest in some curse resistant or Immunity
20h c62 Raging Drake
Tho still wish for more peerage interaction,maybe as interludes? Preferably the other members (Artoria,inglvid,irina etc) as well as some Caled playtime
20h c62 Raging Drake
Amazing chapter,Great story this was a fantastic binge read
20h c62 IncognitoMinerals
I've got a pretty fucking big yawning anime girl reaction image folder, and I still don't have a sufficient image for just how god awful boring a pregnancy worry/angst arc is.
20h c62 1dragonfighter11
Mommy Neo huh? That will be fun, surprised she's the first one tbh
20h c62 Acqua OfThe Back
Gracias por el capítulo
21h c62 RedDemonEye
Well then... mommy neo is now a thing... Nice also really ironwood one of these days you're bullshit gonna get you killed anyway I look forward to the following chaos so keep up the good work and like always have a nice day.
21h c59 Raging Drake
Well,the salem killing was anticlimactic
21h c62 1LordZarcon
I mean Neo is gonna be pissed when he just waves his hand and uses some magic abortion spell.
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