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5/16 c60 Kragh
Thanks for the chapter!
5/16 c60 Rotten Sarcophagus
5/16 c60 RedDemonEye
Well then this chapter was pretty bloody I think the old saten faction has never heard of the saying: arrogance and overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer. To bad for them anyway super looking forward to the next chapter was I'm super happy that's summer is back with her family I'm looking forward to seeing then more so keep up the good work and like always have a nice day.
5/16 c60 supriya700000
o i guess that game between abaddon and gaius will be more dramatic. or rather humiliating for abaddon but oh well whatever
5/16 c60 Kamishiro Ryuu
It was good, I liked the chapter.
5/16 c60 meryfcuckery
the serafall teasing is starting to get annoying man stop blue balling us
5/16 c60 Neo Infinity
Thanks for the great chapter it’s really smart to allow Ravel and weaker girls to shine now rather than risk it on battlefield.
5/16 c60 Misaka Phenex
snek club let's go... you know what reincarnate the half powered ophis chan for the heck of it or even the full powered one but I doubt that one will work
5/16 c60 Tribernator
Im hoping that word hadnt gotten around yet of Our mc utterly pancaking a 75 high level devil sneak attack like its nothing so we still have time for viewers to be shocked and amazed at the way his nearly full peerage is filled with all super powerful devils instead of a couple ringers and the rest eyecandy as seems to be the current belief. Plus poor ruby and her betting odds will get tanked if word got out before this. :p
5/16 c60 Magika Wizard
I read the last one a while ago but I was busy doing other shit, so I wasn't able to review at the time so yeah; This one is going to be fucking funny I'm really looking forward to seeing that fuck head whatever his name is get his ass beat in, anyway I look forward to reading another chapter and stay safe.
5/16 c59 Magika Wizard
Well now the little scene of the old satan faction trying to kill off Gaius aye? That's gonna fail really hard like REALLY REALLY hard, anyway I look forward to reading another chapter and stay safe.
5/16 c60 HectorFenyx
Gracias por el cap
5/16 c60 AngryOmelette
5/16 c60 RotcehM
Good work brother
5/16 c60 loulloko
I really like what you are doing for this next rating game.
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