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11/28/2021 c18 VLF
11/28/2021 c18 Guest
I like this story but the Phoenix thing feels Mc wanted revenge because of the assimilation attempt I get that but him bitching about a wife that wasn’t even his is annoyingly because of his last life.
11/28/2021 c18 Guest
When he steals from the treasuries I hope he takes more than just the artifacts he needs since he may need other things later
11/28/2021 c18 JustAFan123
Hehe, thought so. Anyway, great chapter, I like how Gaius is sort of Lawful Evil. He won't rape but he doesn't shy from stealing, murder etc to get what he wants. Professionals have standards after all. At what point will he meet a representative of the Church? If he does.
11/28/2021 c18 Guest
love it
11/29/2021 c11 4BigTofu
was reading this and saw that he hasn't even touched vigro yet, then noticed the mention of the contract and that phoenix got one over on him again. Then went further down and read he is a two time virgin, rolled my eyes so hard that they almost fell out of my head. Then checked the top and noticed the T rating.

DxD was never made for a T rating so if you had plans to skip all that mature content, you shouldn't have even brought it up in the first place. Now it's just a glaring flaw that peeks through since it's no longer out of sight out of mind. Not saying horny or no horny, but it's just sad.
11/29/2021 c8 charly22salazar
His phenix tears cures desceases? heal the sleeping ill leviathan girl and add her to the peereage
11/29/2021 c17 56Neon dagger
nice gaius trying his best to flow but people keep putting rocks in his path very pretty, potentially lewd rocks, but rocks all the same
11/29/2021 c18 1Chuchiton Prime
Jolly good show. This had me laughing a few times. Looking forward for more
11/29/2021 c18 SirLaze
11/29/2021 c18 1kano547
Has he seriously not figured out that Rosalie is the one who hired the assassins yet? I mean you made it really obvious in the flashback chapter that her brother doesn't have the balls or brains for that one.
11/29/2021 c18 Ricee
really hope he doesn't end up going to school, cause God that shits annoying
11/29/2021 c18 3welcometodalolz
And thus the hentai logic of DxD presents itself. Here's to many more shenanigans!
11/29/2021 c18 lennyjeanlake
I try to read it really but the mc is suce a wuss it’s painful to see
11/29/2021 c18 djdan5555
what if Gaius were to buy Jack Sparrow's compass from the shop?
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