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11/22/2021 c17 Scurra71900
Thanks for the chapter!
11/22/2021 c17 LiYao
11/22/2021 c16 1Eris'FaithfulFootWorshipper
petition to make mittelt a bishop or just have her in the story
11/22/2021 c17 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next
11/22/2021 c17 Kolt999
... How would Kiba react to Saber Lily?
She's literally King Arthur, THE weilder of the ORIGINAL Excalibur, so I figure if there's anyone Kiba would hate among Gaius' peerage, it'd be her.

Poor girl.
11/22/2021 c17 Vendre
I'm guessing this is AU seiba and not canon fate seiba from pure memory the entire thing was a sham Arturia was always supposed to pull the blade. Basically, everyone important knew She knew Kay knew Merlin knew Ector knew basically everyone knew she could and would pull the sword. The only problem was if she actually wanted to do it or not
11/22/2021 c17 1Rotten Sarcophagus
DAAAMN! noice
11/22/2021 c17 HectorFenyx
Gracias por el cap.
11/22/2021 c17 Frescko
Is the MC going to reforge Excalibur? If so that weapon with the system’s empowerment is Going to be Potent as all hell especially if he can make it a “Holy Demonic” Sword
11/22/2021 c17 Immortal Potatoe
11/22/2021 c17 Epex8201
Give him a big iron
11/22/2021 c17 Dayside
I really hope he becomes a hoarder and we see him journey to get tons of cool loot.
He's gonna get a lotta marriage requests.
Artoria with Ddraig? Now that would b D
11/22/2021 c17 vparadox12122000
Nicely done chapter and plot.
11/22/2021 c17 AnimeMyWorld
man i love your fairytail easter eggs. would love to see a certain scarlet haired cheesecake loving knight as well a knight and a certain white haired barmaid as a bishop. probably would fit right in as a demon / devil. btw is there going to be a pairing in this story? like maybe a certain ice wielding demon lord ?
11/22/2021 c17 4Verdauga
Ooh, time to Yoink
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