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11/22/2021 c17 AnimeMyWorld
man i love your fairytail easter eggs. would love to see a certain scarlet haired cheesecake loving knight as well a knight and a certain white haired barmaid as a bishop. probably would fit right in as a demon / devil. btw is there going to be a pairing in this story? like maybe a certain ice wielding demon lord ?
11/22/2021 c17 4Verdauga
Ooh, time to Yoink
11/22/2021 c17 1Williams1996
A rook does seem like a waste in a swordsman the only bonus from it is the durability since you dont really need strength to use a sword also of everyone you can get from the summoning all the different Artorias and the actual male Arthurs he gets a teenage one thats untrained though that could be better since i doubt adult ones would go along with him.
11/22/2021 c17 SilverZ-TenoriO
Dude, I love your fic! can you make it longer please? I'm really excited for the next chapter!
11/22/2021 c17 xXwolfsterXx644
Definitely Can't wait for the next update for this and the other stories
11/22/2021 c17 Hexylen
Calling it now, Lion King/Alter is gonna happen. Rhongomyniad is OP, never nerf
11/22/2021 c17 GhostlyDrew
Yer pumping chapters every couple days now. Why not take a break?
arturia is the incarnation of the red dragon ... and draig is also there.
that's crazy...
11/22/2021 c17 Acetroyz
Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee chapter
11/22/2021 c17 AnimeA55Kicker
It seems like his peerage needs more group cohesion. Currently they aren’t even acquaintances with each other.
11/22/2021 c17 PasiveNox
yeah great wonderful chapter nice nice
11/22/2021 c17 Nosbor
Thanks for the chapter.
11/22/2021 c17 holosagewolf32
... wont ravel hate him more for having her father arrested? also thnx for the chapter whens the next?
11/22/2021 c17 DALucifer13
better watch poor virgo, you have been neglecting her *punishments*
dont want her going stray from neglect.
11/22/2021 c17 2Tranquilmoth
good stuff
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