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11/15/2021 c13 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
fun to see that deal complete will be fun to see what her brother will think of the sword.
interesting that he will make a play for part of the sword
11/15/2021 c13 1FireFox2590
Ooh nice choice, finding the scabbard Avalon.
Also nice way of phrasing how he will find her, she IS probably surrounded by Vampires, and as a Dhampir, she is half alive and half dead all the time I am pretty sure. Very devil like of him to phrase it like that, people will assume "Oh he saved her life" but really he just kidnaps her (From an abusive family so technically not wrong either)
11/15/2021 c12 6Creature of Grimm
11/14/2021 c12 Guest
love it
11/13/2021 c4 Guest
This story has potential but you are using all the limits and restrictions of can DnD which defeats the purpose of doing this crossover in the first place because he will never be powerful enough to ever really effect anything in the DxD universe. What you should do is use DnD as a sort of guide and get rid of the limits and restrictions otherwise you will have to kill this story before you ever really get to canon events
11/13/2021 c12 Dragonsayianblue
About my last comment never type when your half asleep it doesn’t work. But this chapter was fun. The MC growing new fruits and food , he can make a market by selling them to factions for great prices. Also lord Phenexs is petty now we know we’re raiser got it from. I can’t wait to see what the MC does more. Will he fight sirzech to be an official super devil and if so lord phenex is fuck lol.
11/13/2021 c12 JustAFan123
Oh hoh hoh, very interesting. I'm sure that soon the food that he's growing will be a big hit in the underworld, especially considering that gluttony is one of the sins. Wait, have there actually been any important gluttony devils in DxD?
11/15/2021 c12 Frescko
If your not going to go down the beta cuck harem peerage route a good pick for a Pawn is EMIYA, not only would they be thankful for freeing them from Alaya, they would go well with the sword trait, not to mention being given a Sword Birth and Blade Blacksmith.
11/13/2021 c12 Guest
He need to just kill phénex and stop being a forgiving wimp
11/12/2021 c12 Reader 451
Let's be honest, could anyone with a soul truly ever be angry with Serafall? I mean, it's be like being angry with Ruby, you just end up hurting yourself in the process. Nobody wins.
11/12/2021 c12 Guest
Will Mc and Serafall get Together?
11/14/2021 c12 T149Man
I'm wondering if he's going to get some ability to transfer Sacred Gears before he deals with Issei, Saji, and others with good powers before they can grow.
11/14/2021 c10 T149Man
I'm glad you acknowledged how little he received compared to what he should have received. Though, I'm very happy Ravel was brought into the situation.
11/14/2021 c5 T149Man
Great story! I've had a lot of laughs reading the first five chapters
11/13/2021 c12 3MystiYew
Ah, I commented to soon.
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