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10/16/2021 c2 The Draconic Ancient of Chaos
God now I'm curious about bishop 2! I can FEEL the entertainment value from a mile away, definitely gonna be waiting in anticipation to find out!
10/16/2021 c2 2Bearticguy7
Ok this is shaping up to be a great story so far also I got a suggestion for a rook

Now hear me out more dinosaurs in this case a T. rex or a triceratops you can do both or one and maybe get a minotaur because hey bull men need some love and attention plus their perfect for being a rook just saying
10/16/2021 c2 Eljin1
celestial elephant. that casts magic! with wings!
10/16/2021 c2 5Kamui Raiu
So, what you're saying is... Riser's mom was meant to be Gaius' fiancée? ROFL
10/16/2021 c2 TobiasPereyra86
Good story, you have my support.
10/16/2021 c2 Lucas Oliveira1
Will Dino-chan be a recurring character in this fic? he would be a good knight
10/16/2021 c2 Ahfucjcb
Forgot to sign in for my review, please make Dino-Chan the queen. Dino-Chan deserves the love and attention
10/16/2021 c2 2CyberDragonEX
I'm going to take a wild guess...

It's the T-Rex, and you plan on giving it mostly spells to buff it (Haste'd T-Rex be terrifying).
10/16/2021 c2 1Yisuslol23
The simple truth I thought about the DxD universes in a way that everyone is attracted to power is always power the more you have more bitches in line there are, the fucking Issei of shit is an example.
And it would also be good if the protagonist did not stop at anything to get power and surely he will be very pressured to get married as soon as he is the required age, surely dozens of contracted for marriages will arrive and Serafall Tampico can marry him because when you convert in Maou you give up being head of your clan or you would have too much power for yours.
And look good if he tries to learn spacetime magic even if he can only use it once a day.

If he marries someone, I think Sona Sitri, Serafall's sister, would look good because if they cross fire and water, it may not be the result, but since he only shares part of his blood with the phenex, it may work and also to be able to marry she has to beat her in chess which I don't think is a problem with the player's system.
10/16/2021 c2 HectorFenyx
Gracias por el cap.
10/16/2021 c1 applegad1
please be a spellcasting T-Rex, I didn't realize how much I wanted to see a spellcasting T-Rex until I went to track down the list you mentioned.
10/16/2021 c2 Alcov
I’m liking this. I hope it won’t be a dnd fic where he can cast x amount of times a day and has to choose his spells each day. I love the dnd world but I hate those types of fics.
10/16/2021 c2 Verde Rose
Make the knight a Sif expy, dew it!
10/16/2021 c2 draco856
Is it wrong for me to really, really want him to not only take back the woman who should have married him, but also remove the husband and sons from the family, since they wouldn't be HIS? But not even stopping there just pretty much dismantling the current Phenex family, and taking all the women with the lamentations of the men in the background as they fall, which I seem to find incredibly funny for some reason? Does DnD have some kind of skill theft he could buy at some point? IF so...take their powers, and put the Lady at your feet to save what remains.
10/16/2021 c2 dragon rose 11
why not make kuroka as gaius queen in his peerage people rarely use her as a oc noble devil queen piece if not her then what about rossweisse sense I've never seen anyone have her as a queen piece in a noble devil oc's peerage. honestly I think rossweisse should be the queen.
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