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6/9 c63 Mr. Blackwood
... I'm so rereading this fanfic AGAIN just so I don't go insane from anticipation, god dammit man, why you gotta write so well?!
(kind of a backhanded compliment but I honestly mean it, I love your humour and the way you write so thank you for your hard work! \o
6/9 c63 NazgulBelserion
Phi-Chan is HERE!
6/8 c63 AngryOmelette
6/8 c63 1Kulha
Aw man, I wanted to see him and Neo meet up and talk baby names.
6/8 c63 StormySpartan
The dub seriously calls her Orphis?
6/8 c63 KureijiRyuu
Well it's an amazing story, but the fanfic has entered a stage where the story has almost stalled due to the MC not having any more challenges. With the current power of the MC, unless the author decides to send the MC to something like Dragon Ball or a Xianxia world the story from that point on will just be the MC showing off his power like in a generic OP MC fanfic.

I sincerely hope the author knows how to finish this story instead of going on and on forever and ruining everything.
6/8 c63 Raging Drake
Huh,ophis appearance,neat. Time to get the food out.
6/8 c63 3BrotherCaptainSheperd
Yikes. The Immortal Jailbait is here
6/8 c63 Eljin1
lol explosive runes! classic!
6/8 c63 Rotten Sarcophagus
6/8 c63 1KnightBloom
IT'S OPHIS TIME, can't wait to see where this goes!
6/8 c63 Elpit0tai
Que buen capitulo. Y que bueno que regresaste con esta historia. También me pareció un poco raro cuando actualizabas cada tercer día. Esta es mi historia favorita, sigue así.
6/8 c63 2blood enraged
master of the cliffhanger strikes again,well played
6/8 c63 3OechsnerC
Really awesome update. Really enjoyed reading this chapter. Looking forward to reading more.
6/8 c63 Immortal Potatoe
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