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7/30 c67 Yukilumi
The way Gaius has to report to everyone almost everything he does is honestly bothering me a lot. Like a LOT. He gets no respect.
7/30 c67 gamberofritto
You could have him start his own pantheon or go to a world like dragon ball or idk make him fight great red or something. Nice chapter btw
7/30 c67 officalfourthwall
good job on this chapter
7/30 c67 2dudepotatos
"All your sword are belong to us"
-Great King faction, 2008
7/30 c67 2FinalKingdomHearts
I look forward to the next chapter.
7/30 c67 Jlander
First another D.I.C.E. ?! Please post. Second please remember to deal with trihexia and Rizevim Livan Lucifer .
7/30 c67 Shortmike24
thanks for the chapter. cant wait for more
7/30 c67 RedDemonEye
You know you would think after seeing that shit people wouldn't be absolute idiot and try something like that with him but apparently I'm super wrong and those devil's apparently have no commonsense lovely. Anyway keep up the good work and like always have a nice day.
7/30 c67 Hitmen101
Thanks for the chapter! :D :)
7/30 c67 holosagewolf32
Could make another gamer as an antagonist?
7/30 c64 Grimheartflame
Yes! Thank you for updating! It's so hard to find a good story now a days and this is perfect! You've made such amazing works that I can not express my amazement. Thank you
7/30 c67 Qhaq
Great chapter, keep up the awesome work
7/30 c67 shadowpanther93
just a thought to possibly breath some new life into d& devil, why not send him or unlock a world like gow or even campione. world's where gods are common place and could give him a real challenge. I hope this isn't overstepping, just trying to help so I can keep reading one of my favorite stories for long to come.
7/30 c67 4Chronosign
Virgo: Master, I have organized your mail into several categories. Arrogant demands, death threats, love letter, love letters that carry death threats, trade disputes, other Faction leaders, and strangely a subscription to 'Busty Fallen Weekly'.
7/30 c67 Salt-R0ck
you should do some unused plotline like the ExE plotline since one of their god(don't know if it's just their average or top tier one) smack great red to death or malebranche plotline, granted the malebranche may be not the strongest but they can at least proof some entertainment
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